It’s essential for business establishments to create a worthwhile and immersive experience for their customers. Updated and creative displays and aesthetics within the establishment can produce a more relevant message that tells your customers about your brand.

If it has been a long time since you updated your business aesthetics and displays, this list of tips will surely be a big help for you.

Logo and Signs: 8 Tips to Enhance In-Store Brand Identity:

Create a Business Logo:

Most of the popular brands nowadays are quickly recognized by their logos. If you think about 7-Eleven or Starbucks, one of the first things that people remember is their logos that are already impressed on the minds of the public.

A logo is a vital element of your brand identity. So if your business doesn’t have one, it’s high time now that you develop a logo to enhance your brand identity.

After creating the logo, it’s essential to think of strategic ways how to use it in your advertising efforts. Most businesses put up their logo at the front of their offices or retail stores. Some display it by the exit. You can also put your logo on receipts, merchandise, shopping bags, price tags, etc.

Think about a Suitable and Creative Color Scheme:

Aside from the logos, a lot of brands are recognizable by the colors they use for their identity. Pepsi drinkers think of blue and red when imagining their favorite drink. A study suggests that colors can evoke emotions, so many advertisers use it to their advantage.

For instance, purple is associated with creativity while green is linked to health and the environment. Red, on the other hand, signifies excitement, boldness, and youth. For you to choose the right color for your brand, it’s a must that you consider the type of business you’re managing, its ideals, mission, and goals.

Be Creative with the Lighting:

Lighting also plays a huge role in giving your customers the immersive experience when they are in your business establishment. Of course, there are various ways that you can use lighting for that purpose.

Basically, lighting is there to highlight your products. You can also utilize it to showcase architectural elements in your store or to provide safety and practicality to your customers when they are shopping around your store.

Lighting is also an excellent way to create a certain vibe within your business establishment. Spas, for instance, make their lighting more dim to make their customers feel relaxed.

Play the Right Music:

Playing music in your store or business office also enhances your brand identity. However, like most of the brand elements mentioned above, you also need to consider what kind of music you should play that will suit the type of business you’re running.

In a tattoo shop, you can perhaps play rock or heavy metal music. In fine-dining restaurants, classical or mellow music are the best options.

Don’t Forget the Scent:

The scent is also an integral element that you should have in your business establishment. Most businesses spray fragrances throughout their retail stores or offices because they know the power of scent in inciting moods and emotions of their customers.

Take, for instance, the scent of lavender that you often smell inside yoga studios. The smell of lavender is effective in calming down people before doing their yoga exercises. So if you want to make your patrons feel a certain way while going around your business establishment, you should consider scents in it.

Use Outdoor Signs:

The business sign that people see outside your retail store or business office is often the first interaction with your customer. It’s also a perfect opportunity to introduce your brand identity. That’s why you should see to it that you make an excellent first impression so that you can draw customers into your business establishment.

You can display an A-frame sign announcing discounted sales, or put up outdoor signage telling inspirational quotes or humorous sayings to grab people’s attention. You should also make sure your outdoor signs have creative, stellar designs. You can look up Shieldco designs gallery for some design inspirations.

Instill in Your Workforce the Right Company Culture:

Your workforce like your sales associates are often the first people that your customers interact with. Therefore, it is essential that you train them on how to deal with customers and instill in them your ideal company culture. They should be friendly and approachable to customers.

Considering what they wear in their job so that they look more professional is a must. Most companies require their employees to wear uniform as part of their brand identity.

Consistency is the Key:

Yes, it’s advisable that you stay consistent with your efforts. Every element of your in-store branding should be tied together so that customers won’t feel confused about your brand identity.

Don’t forget to ask feedback from your customers and seek out ideas from your employees on how you can further enhance your branding.


Improving brand identity within your business establishment contributes to the success of your business. You should make sure that the aesthetics in your retail store or business office is spot-on, consistent, and creative. Following the tips mentioned above will be an excellent help for that purpose.

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