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Top Instagram Marketing Tips For Designers

author-img By Sumona 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is a lot more than just creating beautiful feeds. Those days of posting mindless selfies are long gone now. Cultivating a successful Instagram account is not only about all the images.

In case you want to develop a blossoming community and grow your brand, you must level up your skill, although you might not be naturally inclined to traditional marketing.

At present, Instagram has become a platform that can benefit anyone who is creative enough.

However, the individual must know how to use it. Along with opting for sophisticated web design on your personal and professional portfolio, you also need the assistance of Instagram for showcasing your creative work and bringing your brand into the limelight.

Top Instagram Marketing Tips For Designers

Top Instagram Marketing Tips For Designers

Along with your traditional marketing, when you are thinking about Instagram marketing, you need that extra push. Here, in this article, we are going to guide you with some tried and tested Instagram marketing tips.

So, when you are thinking, “Let us get more followers on IG,” you need to ensure that you are managing your Instagram handle properly.

Tip 1: Optimize Your Bio

Let’s start from the beginning. We believe you already have created your Instagram account and are willing to know the cutting-edge marketing tips. We advise you to have a look at your bio again. Instagram bio is just like the home page of your website.

This must include the message of your business or brand, along with a piece of brief detailed information, so that the users can get to understand what it is actually about. In case you are a freelance graphic designer, it must be mentioned in your Instagram bio.

Tip 2: Use Creative Ways To Involve Your Followers

Tip 2: Use Creative Ways To Involve Your Followers

For attracting more eyes to your work and also promote your personal brand, you need to encourage audiences with your content pieces. The more engagement you will be able to create, the more people will get to see your brand.

Being a creative person, you should opt for some creative ways to involve your followers. Here are some tips for you.

  • Write catchy captions, which will also tell a story about your post.
  • Repost and share all those content pieces which interest and inspire you.
  • By featuring your customers or followers, develop a community around your product.
  • When you are willing to pamper your followers, think of creating giveaways and contests.

Tip 3: Collaborate With Other Designers

Do you remember, in schools, we were taught that life is all about giving and taking?

The same is applicable here, on Instagram as well. Exchanging your skills is indeed an excellent way to work with other creatives, and you might be surprised to experience this win-win situation.

For example, if you are fabulous at creating business cards but not so great at product photography, reach out to any of your friends who are mind-blowing at it. This way, you will be able to offer your followers some quality content to engage.

Tip 4: Include Some CTAs

Tip 4: Include Some CTAs

CTAs, or call-to-action!

When you are on Instagram, you actually have a considerable amount of options to add CTAs to your own profile. You must grab the opportunity of getting benefits from these promotional opportunities.

Along with adding a link to your portfolio website on your Instagram bio, you also consider adding CTAs in your captions. For bringing more engagement, you will be able to invite people to check out your profile, go through your latest design blog post, and also vote for the best design.

Tip 5: Utilize The Effectiveness Of Hashtags

Hashtags are the Instagram SEO.

Hashtags with a lot of followers are actually too overrated. Your post with all those big hashtags can easily get lost in the Instagram crowd. This is why you need to play a combination game with only the popular ones.

Here are some suggestions for you.

  • #design.
  • #inspiration.
  • #pastelshades.
  • #grainy.

Final Tip

Only posting fantastic creative designs is not going to get you a lot of followers and increase the engagement rate; you have to be organized and consistent as well. You also need to develop a relationship with your viewers by posting Instagram stories and behind-the-scenes videos on IGTV.

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