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How To Maintain Your Instagram Verification?

author-img By Arnab Dey 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

Instagram Verification

You have been adorned with the most coveted verification badge across all social media platforms. This new status may feel like sort of a superpower! I mean, less than 1% of profiles on Instagram are verified, and you are now part of the 1% club. But it’s important to remember, Instagram reserves the right to withdraw the verification badge from your account at any time. Even after being verified, users must diligently follow some rules to retain this prestigious symbol from Instagram.

Here, we analyze the major rules that verified users must keep maintaining their Instagram verification status.

1. Instagram Account Must Remain Public

Instagram Verification

To be eligible for the Instagram verification badge, your Instagram account must be opened by you to the public. Instagram cannot verify a locked or private Instagram account. If for some reason, you want to lock your Instagram account, you are liable to lose your blue tick. Because the Instagram verification badge is there to enable the general public to know your account is authentic. But as soon as you lock your Instagram account, you lose the right to the notability that guaranteed you the badge. To avoid losing your verification badge, always leave your Instagram account open.

2. Avoid Posting Fake News, Hateful Or Harmful Content

Instagram Verification

A verified Instagram account symbolizes authenticity and notability, which comes with being a credible source of information. Hence, your posts must be authentic, informative, relevant, and, most importantly, true. Avoid posting fake or unverified news on your Instagram wall. Posting false, hateful news on your Instagram account reduces the credibility of your account, thereby putting you on the verge of losing your verification badge.

To keep your blue tick as an Instagram influencer who receives payment for promotions, don’t be boring while posting links and URLs to other websites. It would be best to desist from posting links to your other social media accounts in your bio as a verified account. This action could be termed an unprofessional advertisement and consequently result in the loss of your verification badge.

4. Adhere Strictly To Terms Of Use And Community Guidelines

No account is above the rules of Instagram, either verified or not verified. Being verified on Instagram does not give you the sovereignty to flout Instagram terms of use and the community guidelines. Contrary to popular belief, you may and will have your verification badge taken off. If it is determined that you have violated any of Instagram’s community rules, your account may be blocked or cancelled.

Whether you’ve hired a social media agency and opted to pay for Instagram verification service, or if you’ve applied in-app, the rules of engagement stay the same. You have to adhere to the community guidelines. That means, no botting your profile. No sharing your login with a third-party website. No posting hateful or harmful content.

Final Thoughts

Your Instagram verification badge could disappear if you defy the stated rules and regulations above. These rules are kept in place to ascertain that being verified does not mean you are above the rules of Instagram.

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