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Why Should Every Business Establish Its Presence on Instagram?

author-img By John Mathew 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023


Instagram has gone through a complete metamorphosis, right from a hip teenager hangout to a trustworthy and serious social media platform with a lot of promise for businesses. Instagram has a phenomenal 800 million Monthly Active Users across the world and over 44.1 percent of the Internet users in the United States are now using Instagram and Instagram seems to be just after Facebook, as far as, audience penetration in the U.S.A. is concerned. Every business must necessarily be present on Instagram as it provides unique avenues for businesses aiming to reach their target audiences with unique and engaging visual content. Here are some of the top reasons why every business, every brand requires to be on Instagram.

Internet Users Access Instagram More Often than Other Platforms besides Facebook :

If statistics were to be believed, US Internet users are known to spend a lot more time on Instagram and Facebook as compared to all other social media platforms. Instagram is a great platform for promoting businesses that are aspiring to dominate in an image-oriented social networking site. Instagram offers a huge prospect for all budding businesses, as well as, well-known and established ones.

It Is Not Too Late to Establish a Brand Presence & Carve out a Niche for Your Business :

Grabbing attention on Facebook could be a challenging task for small businesses. As there are numerous other businesses vying for customers’ attention, your business would be lost in the crowd. However, many businesses are yet to recognize the importance of Instagram as an effective marketing tool. So this is the right time for you to make the most of the Instagram platform. Small businesses could grab the opportunity now and start building their target audience from now on. Businesses that start using this popular social media platform now would be able to build and fortify their audience at their own pace before the competition becomes really fierce and you would have issues in getting a strong foothold then. Now is the right time. A lot of brands who haven’t tried the platform are apprehensive about how they can attract real Instagram likes and build their brand organically. If you put in the work, you may rest assured that the rest will fall into place.

Instagram Helps You in Enhancing Your Brand Image with Unique Visual Content :

Visual content would be giving you the wonderful chance to determine the way you wish to present your brand to your prospective customers and your target audience. The greatest advantage of sharing pictures on Instagram is the broad spectrum of filters available to you easily. You could use various effective filters for giving an enhanced feel or a different look to your pictures, using them for communicating your desired message or mood. The only thing that would be left is a great community of engaged followers. How do you get them? This is a great site to get you started.

Instagram Is Successful in Driving Sales & It Assures High Average Orders :

As per Shopify, the referrals from Instagram culminate in an average order that amounts to $65. This is next to only Polyvore’s average order value of $66.75. Even though, not all visits would lead to a purchase. However, those that end up in a purchase would bring in relatively higher revenue as compared to any other social media platform. YouTube’s average order value amounts to $37.63 only.

Conclusion :

As compared to some of the leading social media platforms, Instagram boasts some of the best conversion rates. It offers high conversion rates as an unanticipated bonus. Moreover, Instagram videos are excellent and get numerous shares on Facebook. If statistics were to be believed 9 out of every 10 Instagram videos are shared on Facebook. Instagram has been designed to be used predominantly on mobile devices so sharing could be easy and super-quick. It is high time you appreciated and acknowledged the efficacy of Instagram as a platform for promoting businesses.

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