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How to manage your real and virtual life on Instagram in 2020?

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read February 12, 2020 Last Updated on: February 9th, 2021

life on instagram

Social media as the name suggest was initially designed for humans. Virtual life on Instagram has gone off the charts. It has divided people’s life ib a real-life and a virtual life on Instagram.  It was originally designed to provided new avenues for humans to interact and share their human experiences and lives. For success in social media platforms, the message has always been, in order to succeed you need to be human. While there is solid evidence showing that such a line of thinking can indeed lead to success, there is an upcoming trend that goes against this tested fact – the rise of virtual influencing. People strive to pick up followers on Instagram instead of real-life friends because of the glamour Instagram provides.

Life on Instagram of virtual influencing

life on instagram

Virtual influencers run a broad spectrum of variations so close to reality that it is difficult for the live Instagram follower count to identify them as cartoons. However, virtual influencing is not only limited to virtual robotics. There are thousands of people running virtual accounts that don’t reflect their real lives and a pretty number of them run real-life Instagram accounts reflecting who truly they are. It is quite tasking to run two accounts representing two different personalities. If you are one of them here are few tips on how to manage your real and virtual life on Instagram live video in 2020?

The best practices of improved performance on Instagram keeps evolving. This is primarily because of the dynamic nature of the social platform, but also of the creative community that calls Instagram its playing ground. As an influencer, you need to be at the top of your creative game. You also need to pay attention to tactical social media strategies on Instagram that can help you increase followers and engagement. Viral Race can offer services that can help you grow followers on Instagram. Going for specialized marketing services to help increase traction is something that almost all the major influencers follow and take help from.

Start by creating two separate accounts on Instagram

If you want to manage your real and virtual life on Instagram there is no way you are going to do that on the same account. You will need an extra or more account depending on the themes you want to present to your followers. Make a distinction between your two worlds by posting the things that you want your viewers to view through the specific accounts. Not mix up here!

Adding additional accounts on Instagram

Once your accounts are set, Instagram has made things easier for you. You can now switch between the two or more accounts on the same. You don’t have to log out from one account and log in to another. Start by logging into your accounts on the same app. If you are using a smartphone click on the three rows on the top right corner of your screen a drop-down menu will appear. Scroll down and choose to add an account. You can add as many accounts as you like. Instagram allows you to freely switch to any of the accounts as you wish.

Use social media managing tool for Instagram

If managing your real and virtual life accounts are quite challenging. Even if you are an active daily user at some point you may get caught up where you end up splitting your attention unequally. To avoid getting into this mess you will need to use a social media manager. It will help you schedule posts and manage your accounts in the most efficient way.

What is more? Virtual accounts are on the continuous rise on Instagram. Part of the explanation for this constant rise is in people’s obsession with perfectness. Don’t fall behind this rising trend. With the above tips, you can easily manage your real and virtual life on Instagram to your advantage.

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