Guides to Select a Formal Dress

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If you are a beginner and looking forward to developing a good knowledge of formal dressing, this article will give you basic know-how of formal dress. This excerpt will give you insights of routine or occasional process to select a dress if you will follow all the instructions and steps you will get a perfect solution for your selection process.

Guides to Select a Formal Dress:

Select a dress code:

It’s either mention on the invitation card or it is generally perceived according to the occasion. For example, corporate events have a black tie or lounge suits dress codes. 

What are the dress codes?

Dress codes are the official decorum of what to wear on occasions accordingly. Five most common dress codes are mentioned below,

White tie: Rare occasions and fanciest ones, the occasions which expect important figures and influencers of societies, white tie is observed in these gathering, for example, red carpet premiere of a movie. 

Men: Suit with a vest and bow tie or tie only.
Women: Long or floor-length gowns and gloves with jewelry and hair updo usually.

Black tie: Little less formal than white ties like award ceremonies, weddings, corporate annual events or special ceremonies. 

Men: Suit with a bow tie
Women: Gloveless and more liberty in choosing a hairstyle, rest all same with that of white tie.

Lounge suit: Same or little less formal from Black tie. Routine corporate events and weddings

Men: Suit with a tie
Women: Formal gowns

Cocktail: Parties, beach parties, pool parties and events that require fun. Here you have to wear balance fun and decency. Your color of the attire will be important as it should have joy and attraction.

Men: Suit without a tie.

  • Women: Above the Knee-demand less formal gowns, backless dresses can work too or an evening pantsuit.

Smart Casual: Informal or day to day events. Mostly daylight events.

Men: Suit pants with a dress shirt or denim, chinos with a shirt, check shirts can work here too; no ties.

Women: No restrictions, accessories, and jewelry should be on point. 

After selecting a dress code from the list you will proceed to the next step. You should be accurate and precise in the dress code selection. A wrong decision could lead you to an utter embarrassment.

Select a dress with color:

The heading I put is overlapping with two things color and dress. Either you choose a color first then a dress or dress first then a color. The latter part is mostly done when you are buying a new dress. You can choose what you already have otherwise you will have to buy. I will help you with buying, first of all, use the internet as most things are available on the gadget. Compare all sites and match costs of each dress.

I would like to prefer JJ’s House to give an example. Choose a color like I chose a blue, then find an alternate option in the same color. After selecting my formal dress from a wide range of formal dresses, I will compare with other sites offering the same option. I am pretty sure that JJ’s house will give me best at low cost because of my past experience. It is the best fit line between low cost and high quality. 

Accessories and shoes:

The same process goes with shoes and accessories, select a dress code, then color and then find a good contrast with the main color of your formal dress. For example, blue and cherry red, blue and black, black and red, dark brown and black.

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