Everything You Need To Know About Banarasi Sarees

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Banarasi Sarees

Sarees are undoubted, a symbol of ethnicity and artistic perfection that acknowledges feminine grace. The six yards that adopt designs of any kind, bring an unlimited pour of sheer beauty. Brought to you from the ancient city of Banaras, now known as Varanasi is the Banarasi saree that is recognized all over India by its gold and silver brocade, Zari, and magnificent embroidery.

What is a Banarasi Saree: A Brief Introduction



A Banarasi is one of the finest saree types in India. Depending on the detailing, as well as the work on a saree, it may take from 15 days up to half a year to make a saree. These sarees are made out of silk and heavier in weight as they have engravings and complicated design.

It began in the 19th century; the weaving of brocades became the specialty of Varanasi. Their special features include foliage motifs, alga, and bel, intertwining floral, small details, and mina work. Very often, these sarees are a part of a bride’s trousseau. Banarasi sarees are worn across the country for different occasions.

What you need to know about the History of the Banarasi Saree

The different and ethnic look of these woven silk sarees is because of the combined influence of Mughal and Hindu cultures in textile and design cultures. The finest materials are used to create the Banarasi saree, like fins quality silver and gold threads and woven silks from the south of India.

Banarasi sarees are trendy along with being traditional and that makes them so popular even today. Banarasi silk was introduced to India by the Mughal empire with their designing craftsmanship and intricate weaving. Therefore, the Banarasi saree is a mix of two cultures- namely Mughal and Indian.

The 5 Main Types of Banarasi Sarees in India:

There are five types of Banarasi sarees such as pure silk (Katan), Kora, and georgette and shatter. The Katan saree is world famous and its elegance and class make it the most preferred choice.

  1. Kora sarees are very light weighted and are produced with the use of silk and zari.
  2. Georgette is a lightweight saree type that is a simple and plain weave. These sarees are comparatively a lighter fabric and most traditional drapes come in this category.
  3. Shatter is the only fabric that is used to make exclusive sarees. Shatter sarees are generally more cost-effective because of their lightweight and their affordable price point.
  4. Katan is a type of silk that is supremely lustrous and extravagant making it a popular choice among celebrities and it likes a very rich look. It is a plain fabric that is woven with silk threads giving it a stunning look.
  5. Organza saree is another type of silk Banarasi sarees that have extensive gold and silver zari work that adds an elegant factor. Its smooth soft and shiny texture makes its way amongst the most prominent ensembles.

The Final Word:

Though Banarasi saree designs have been worn by women for a long time, the emergence of this saree to make a fashion statement has made people experiment with the different styles of wearing it. Over four decades have passed and this tradition of weaving has neither dimmed nor lost luster.

It has maintained its status of remaining exceptional and finely sought. Despite being woven in traditional style, fusion elements have seamlessly merged to become a part of its rich heritage.

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