Women all over the globe imagine themselves walking down the aisle into the arms of a loved one. Part of this dream is the wedding dress. Women want wedding dresses Brisbane that let them show the world their personalities on this very important day. When it comes to deciding on the details of the wedding, many women begin by thinking about varied factors. This includes the neckline, types of fabric, back and the overall style that works best on their body type. Today’s brides can take full inspiration from wedding dress styles that have worked so well in the past. These timeless classics are all about beauty and elegance. It’s easier than ever to adopt them for the modern Australian bride.

Ballgown Beauty:

Ballgown Beauty

If you’re going for a formal wedding, you’ll want to have a wedding dress to match. The ballroom gown is your answer. This is the ideal way to get on your inner princess. Ballroom gowns are designed to make you the star of your wedding day. The dress typically has a full skirt that extends to the floor. There’s a fitted bodice that allows you to show off your bust to best advantage. Many women pair this look with long sleeves that are equally exuberant. The goal is a dress that makes a woman feel great and makes it easy to see the bride even in a large crowd. Wear it with confidence and pair with lots of bling. This goes well with a tiara and a long, trailing train and veil. Dress your bridesmaids in a similar manner for a wedding that is all about that fairy tale day.

Empire Silhouette:

Empire Silhouette

The empire silhouette dates back over two centuries. This is a simple look where the aim is to bring the eye to the bust and let the rest of the fabric fall to the ground. Jane Austen fans know this type of dress very well. An empire style is a good choice for the bride who wants to keep the look classic. With cap sleeves and general use of softer fabrics, this one is a good choice for the woman planning a summer wedding. Add whimsical details with a choker necklace and a fun snake bracelet that climbs your arm.

Grace Kelly Look:

Grace Kelly

Movie star Grace Kelly married her crown prince in the 1950s. Her gown was designed by legendary designer Helen Rose. It’s been the inspiration for brides ever since. The dress has multiple pieces including petticoats, a slip, a bodice and an under bodice that all came together on her day. Silk net and ivory faille were part of a look that was watched by people all over the world. Kelly chose to put on a simple cap and carry a prayer book with her as she met her prince. Modern brides can take on a similar look for their own wedding dresses with the use of beautiful fabrics and lots of lace.

Queen Anne:

Queen Anne ruled what would become the United Kingdom for about a decade. Her personal style inspired many things including a style of furniture known as Queen Anne. She also inspired a wedding dress look that is modern but also classic and old fashioned at the same time. The modern look in a Queen Anne wedding dress has several basic features that help a bride show off her slim figure. Dresses today typically have a higher collar in the back that may be paired with a collar at the neck. It can also be left bare. There’s usually a deep neckline as well as only cap sleeves. Many women like this style because it’s easy to wear and fits nicely across the neck. Queen Anne is a good compromise between a dress that is formal and one that is just right for a wedding at the beach.

Sheath Style:

Sheaths are the choice for the bride who wants to keep her wedding dress classic and easy. This look is designed to follow the woman’s natural shape from the shoulders to her toes. The idea is a dress that is modern and has few details. Sheaths are less likely to have intricate beading or many layers of lace on top. They’re all about that long line. This is a really good choice for the shorter woman who is looking for a dress that helps her add height. It can work really well when paired with statement jewelry and an updo. A longer veil helps even more height to the overall look. It’s an excellent dress for a less formal look when you’re going to be outdoors.

The Sleeveless:

In recent years, sleeveless dresses have come in vogue. These are dresses that help show off the bride’s slim arms and shoulders. Bring this dress if you are planning to marry in the summer months. It’s a look that works well for a casual look that still has lots of amazing style to it. The sleeveless dress is also good for the woman who wants something that says she’s in touch with all that’s happening in the modern bridal world. A dress without sleeves can be later paired with a coat in a similar material at the reception or for added warmth.

Tea Length:

The hem is the focus of the tea length dress. This one is a good choice for the bride on her second marriage or one who wants to keep it as informal as possible. The hemline typically falls anywhere from the bottom of the knee to the calf. If you have great legs and want to show them off, this is the style for you. A tea length dress does not need to be completely simple and devoid of embellishment. Use it with a blusher veil and an overlay of lace to bring in more formal style if that’s where you’d like to be. Lovely satin shoes complete this wonderful bridal look.

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