Bridesmaid Dresses: Common Mistakes to Avoid

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Bridesmaid Dresses

A bride always becomes the center of attention on her wedding day, so she tries to choose the best dresses, jewelry, and heels for her. You will also do this at your wedding. While making everything perfect on your wedding day, you can’t ignore bridesmaids. Your bridesmaids will become your companion on the wedding day, so you can’t pick party dresses for them. Try to create a complementing look for your girls. Here are some common mistakes to avoid that a bride can do while selecting bridesmaid dresses.

Don’t be Restrictive about Colors

Keep it in mind that there are no rules to choose a bridesmaid dress. You can consider different colors depending on the comfort level and style of bridesmaid. Let them choose their favorite style and color so that they can walk comfortably with you.

Don’t Give Total Control to Bridesmaids

You can’t become too laid-back by giving total control to your girls. Let them choose a mismatched look, but set some rules to buy dresses. For instance, you can suggest dress lengths, materials and color palette. Ask them to take your approval before finalizing a dress.

Choosing the Same Style for Everyone

Several brides forget that bridesmaid have different heights, shapes and body types. You can’t pick the same style for everyone. A gown may look beautiful on a girl, but it could be inappropriate for another girl.

Age of Bridesmaid

You can find beautiful, cheap bridesmaid dresses in different styles. Some dresses are matronly, and others can be revealing. You have to consider the age of your bridesmaid before buying a dress. Some brides choose chic and trendy apparel for their bridesmaids without considering their skin tones, body types, and age. Try to select appropriate dresses for your bridesmaids to keep them stylish.

Ignoring the Budget of Bridal Party

The brides must consider their finances before buying dresses for bridesmaids. It can be expensive to spend $500 on a dress. Keep it in mind that you will need money for travel, gifts, bachelorette parties, showers, makeup, hair, shoes, and dresses. Consider economical dresses to manage everything within your budget.

Ignoring the Overall Look

Many brides overlook their final look. They don’t consider the complementing flowers, jewelry, accessories, makeup, and hair. Some designs can be too engaging because of excessive sashes and bustles. Buy complementing bouquets and jewelry for your bridesmaids.

Consider your gown (bride’s gown) while purchasing dresses for your bridesmaids. If your wedding dress has a beautiful lace, the bridesmaid dresses can have crocheting, embroidery or lace. With a chiffon bridal dress, you will need an airy and light dress for your bridesmaid.

Consider Location while Choosing a Dress

Keep it in mind that a wedding gown must complement the wedding time and style. Brides often ignore this element while choosing bridesmaid dresses. The daytime wedding can be more casual, so choose lighter fabrics and colors. For formal weddings, you will need heavy fabric and dark colors.

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