Bodysuits are an amenable new trend. They lend themselves to beach vacations just as much as they do to walking around the city. They can even be worn in the office if a person picks the right one. There are many selections out there in the luxury world. A person can choose from the best. The following is a guide on how to wear a bodysuit in fall 2019.

What is Bodysuit?

It's obviously important to know what a bodysuit is before embarking on the adventure of purchasing one. A bodysuit is simply a way to wear a fitted shirt. It's so fitted, in fact, that it goes on like a full piece bathing suit. Some of the manufacturers got smart since the 80's and incorporated snaps at the bottom of the shirt.

A high fashion bodysuit is one that has a luxury label attached to it. You will not go wrong purchasing one at this level. You can have a sleeveless or sleeved version of a bodysuit. The Michael Kors Paillette Bodysuit is something that you might want to wear on an evening out. You do have to have perfectly toned abs though to feel comfortable in this. There is no room for bloating unless you're comfortable feeling a little caged in.

Some of the cotton bodysuits are more forgiving. Take, for instance, the Balmain Tank Logo Bodysuit. It looks like it would fit the everyday woman. This is a great one to go to your dance class in and sweat it out. Hopefully, they have a more relaxed dress code.

Where to Purchase One

Bodysuits are everywhere these days. You just have to track them down. Most luxury brands know that they should offer such a popular shirt. Another nice place to shop for one is at online stores. Many of them have not caught onto the fact that these do not have to strictly nightwear pieces. In fact, who would want to wear something so constricting all night?


The bodysuits are perfect for Fall 2019 wear. There are a few slips in there, but that can be trendy looking for day wear as well. Usually, these clothes might be expensive. But you can find something affordable in summer sales.


Hopefully, you are left with a sense of how to wear the bodysuit. You can sport it anywhere with some confidence. You might not like it at work unless you have a blazer over it. It can be quite tight. Other than that, feel free to wear it wherever you go. Bodysuits are so much more than swimwear or lingerie, although they can be those as well. Enjoy your foray into 80's fashion and beyond. Getting out of your comfort zone is the fun of women's luxury fashion.

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