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Cocktails are a staple in the alcohol-making industry and are often characterized by a tiny paper umbrella and orange peel. While many believe it is meant for the rich, anyone can have a glimpse or feel of it. However, the tiny umbrella and a peel of orange peel don’t make a drink a “cocktail.”

A cocktail is mainly made up of water, sugar, spirits, and bitters, but the long history behind the drink makes it unique. However, beyond the drink, what matters most to many is the experience, the joy of sharing with friends and loved ones. While they are mostly considered to arise from America, cocktails are, in part, at least, inspired by British punches.

This article will consider a brief history of cocktails, why people love them, and the ten most popular worldwide. So, sit tight as we take you through this exciting journey of dissecting cocktails – or whatever you call this. For every crypto enthusiast, it is time to buy Bitcoin with credit card and get whichever cocktail draws your interest here.

Cocktails: A Brief History

brief history of cocktails

“Cocktail” first appeared as a term in a 1798 British newspaper, but it wasn’t this defined until eight years later, in 1806. Then, Hudson’s The Balance and Columbian Repository defined a cocktail as a stimulating liquor containing sugar, water, and bitters.

A cocktail is vulgarly referred to as a “bittered sling.” There are different types of cocktails worldwide, and many websites publish original recipes and re-inventions of famous cocktails.

Why Do People Love Cocktails?

Love Cocktails

Most people love great cocktails because the spirits in them help them feel something. However, a cocktail means more than just a drink; ingredients come together to create something beyond a simple libation. The significance of cocktails is more about the social ritual that accompanies the drinks than the drinks themselves.

Whether you like delicate and sweet and fruity or strong and bitter, there are cocktails for you. Below are ten of the most popular cocktails served and drunk worldwide.

1. Mojito

Mojito is a minty cocktail and one of the most loved summer cocktails, perfect for a hot afternoon relaxation. The drink has a divine taste, particularly when mixing it with some white rum, zesty lime, sugar, and cooling soda water.

2. Dry Martini

A dry Martini cocktail, when made well, is practically elegant in a glass; it features a classic mix of gin and dry vermouth. Personalize and enjoy this heavenly delight by garnishing it with a lemon twist or a few olives.

3. Negroni

Negroni is one of the best classic cocktail drinks worldwide; it is a drink every bartender is expected to know how to mix. This perfect punchy package is composed of gin, Campari, and vermouth, making for an exotic taste.

4. Margarita

With its tartness and simplicity, this tequila cocktail is arguably the most popular. But, apart from being one of the most popular cocktails in America, Margarita maintains a spot as one of the world’s best cocktails.

5. Espresso Martini

Espresso Martini is the perfect cocktail for every coffee lover; it is the caffeinated cocktail of choice. It is a sophisticated drink with a distinctive and impressive frothy top layer brewed using freshly-brewed espresso and some coffee liqueur.

6. Pimm’s

A cold glass of fruity Pimm’s punch makes the perfect British summertime. Made with mint leaves, orange, cucumber, and strawberries, this drink is sensational.

7. Piña Colada

This cocktail is a fun, fruity, and tasty tropical, perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth. It features an irresistible blend of creamy coconut, tangy pineapple, and smooth white rum and is garnished with kitsch umbrellas and colorful straws.

8. Rum Punch

Rum punch is a Caribbean cocktail that combines delicious sweet and sour flavors with a fresh juice and golden rum. For a complex and spiced cup of Rum Punch, you may want to get good-quality golden or dark rum.

9. Californication

As the name implies, this cocktail refers to the mixing of different cultures, as various spirits worldwide are used. The drink is a mixture of vodka, rum, gin, tequila, orange liqueur, orange juice, and lemon juice.

10. Caipirinha

As Brazil’s national drink, this cocktail was originally based on a remedy created to cure the Spanish flu. The drink is made with vodka or cachaca, brown sugar, and finished off with lime juice.

There are still many awesome cocktails around the world apart from those mentioned. So all that’s left is to learn how to make cocktails, and you can enjoy these drinks at home.

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