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How To Find Good Housing In New York When You Have A Low Budget

author-img By Subham Shah 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

good housing in low budget

Do you want to live frugally or on a budget in New York City or are you already there and wondering if it’s possible?

You’ve found the perfect place and are not alone.

Living in New York City was never inexpensive due to escalating expenditures brought on by the city’s fame and the fact that it is just an incredibly fantastic location to live. A lot of individuals are constantly looking for the cheapest places to live in NYC because it is the most costly city in the nation for renting!

In New York City, the price of food (and dining out in particular) is high, as are the costs of entertainment, nightlife, and transportation.

Is it possible to live on a tight budget in New York City? Join us as we examine ways to live cheaply in NYC and ways to save money while residing there (remember to check info on shared apartments in NYC available via sharedeasy.club)

Affordable Rental Options Available In New York City

1. Hotels

Hotels are wonderful. However, hotels provide you with a place to sleep, food, housekeeping, sometimes free internet access, and a feeling of protection and security. You can stay in any of the hotels in the city, depending on your location and budget, and enjoy being taken good care of.

When you are merely passing through a place or plan to stay there for a few days or slightly longer than a week, hotels are the best option. On a weeknight, a hotel in New York City costs, on average, $259 per night.

If you stay in a hotel that charges $259 per night for ten nights, the cost of lodging alone will be $2590. If you’re on a tight budget, you should pick an option that won’t bankrupt you in the middle of your trip.

2. Apartments

It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack to find a cheap apartment in New York, but it is possible.

Despite all the challenges, there are still landlords who are prepared to offer their units for lesser than the market prices.

But because there are so many con artists on the Internet, you should be cautious. The fear approach that con artists employ to hurry you into paying a deposit before seeing each other is one way to spot them.

3. Hostels

A cheap and convenient method to meet individuals from various backgrounds is through staying in hostels.

Due to hotel owners’ use of old-fashioned regulations to force hostel operators to close their establishments, there aren’t many hostels left in New York. The likelihood that a hostel will be fully booked when you do find one has increased.

Hostels do exist, though, and they are less expensive than hotels. As a result, whether you’re a student, traveler, or digital nomad, you may find a hostel that meets your requirements. Private rooms in certain dorms start at $120, while dorm prices range from $35 to $100.

4. Couch Surfing

Although it isn’t a rental option per se, this is a choice if you’re visiting the city for fewer than 30 days. Saving money and staying with your favorite relative, sibling, or school friend who you haven’t seen since graduation makes financial sense for you. Although it is less expensive, remember that you should still pay something toward the expense of maintaining the home.

5. Extended Stay Hotels

These hotels are created with all the essential amenities and conveniences, and because they are less expensive than renting a house, they make a perfect alternative for tourists and individuals who are only visiting the city temporarily.

This is because extended stay hotels offer discounts on your stay, resulting in lower overall costs than you would have paid for a typical hotel room at a rate per night. Extended stay hotels are fantastic because you can stay as long as you’d want, you receive all the amenities, and you don’t have to stress about things like utilities and grocery shopping.

It would be excellent to choose an extended stay close to your place of employment or whatever attracted you to the city to save money on commuting.

6. Coliving

Coliving is a type of residential communal living in which three or more individuals who are not related biologically live together. It provides co-living residents with a sense of community, belonging, safety, and family.

Nowadays, coliving is very popular since it enables people to create communities and live with others who share their values. It can aid in developing your social and professional networks in a new city.

Numerous coliving businesses provide a wide range of coliving choices. There is less chance of roommate disputes and awkward encounters when the rent is due because these organizations handle the onboarding process and payments are made to them directly.

Some businesses even take care of their clients’ grocery shopping, allowing them to stress-free concentrate on their work.

7. Subletting

To live on a budget and avoid being locked into a lease if that is not what you are seeking right now. The process of subletting is a terrific method to save money in NYC or enter into the rental market for a low price.

My first “real” flat in New York City was a sublet! This makes it one of the best pieces of advice for relocating to the city. Additionally, subletting typically does not bind you to the salary regulations of obtaining your lease.

8. Religious Housing

Religious housing is a more affordable alternative to a hotel for travelers on a low budget. Those looking for a special place to stay with some history and heritage.

These lodgings are typically clean, quiet, and less expensive than other options. Even though they aren’t necessarily luxurious (after all, many religious individuals take a vow of destitution).

Go through the terms and conditions before booking a reservation. Due to some monasteries only accept male or female visitors, depending on the order or restrictions. They might have set quiet hours! It requires you to attend their religious service if you choose to stay with them.

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