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Outdoor Security Lighting and Its Benefits

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

Security Lighting

Security is a priority even if you live in a presumably safe neighborhood. Homeowners need to invest in measures that can help protect their homes from intruders. Although security lighting may not be the highest form of defense, it can be an effective deterrent against anyone who tries to trespass on your property. In the past, almost every commercial establishment used outdoor lighting for security. Nowadays, more homeowners are appreciating the benefits of having outdoor lights to keep their home and their families secure.

Is outdoor lighting enough?

Installing security flood lights stems from the premise that a well-lit area reduces the likelihood of break-ins. No one will attempt to intrude when they are unable to hide their movements. But security lighting is often insufficient to provide optimum security for a property. Nevertheless, when used together with an alarm or camera surveillance system, the homeowner has more control over the privacy and security of their property.

Apart from deterring intruders, outdoor lighting can be functional as well. You can use outdoor lights when you want to stay outdoors for a more extended period. For example, if you have a porch or a garden, you will not have to add additional lighting if you plan to host a party.

Advantages of LED floodlights:

Most security outdoor lights available today are LED. There are many excellent reasons why LED lights are better than other counterparts.

  1. Longer Lifespan. LED lights are known for longevity and durability. If you are using them as security lighting for your home, you will need a product that is not only reliable but also worth the investment. Being installed outdoors means that these lights will be exposed to the elements. LED floodlights designed for outdoor use are robust and can withstand prolonged exposure to natural environmental factors.
  2. Energy efficient. Installing outdoor lights for security means you need to ensure the lights are turned on overnight. Fortunately, LED lights are energy-efficient which means you will not have to spend much to keep them on for long hours.
  3. Superior brightness. LED lights are often used in large stadiums because of excellent brightness mimicking daylight. While it is very effective to use LED floodlights as a security feature, you need to make sure that the light produced does not cause any disturbance to your neighbors. Install lights in vital areas of your property, with enough brightness to keep the space secure.
  4. Safer and emit less heat. A significant flaw observed in traditional light bulbs is that most of the energy gets converted into heat instead of light. With LED lights, on the other hand, most of the power is converted into light, and only a small amount is wasted and turned into heat. LED lights do not get too hot even after hours of operation which makes them a safer option for home use.

Most importantly, LED lights are environment-friendly because these lights do not contain lead or mercury. These are also safer for you and your family, compared with other lighting options used for outdoor security.

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