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Selling Your House? It’s Time To Prepare Your Outdoor Space

author-img By Mashum Mollah 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

Outdoor Space

As lockdown seems to be easing and things could be moving towards a new normal, the housing market has changed. There has been a surge in inquiries about living in rural or coastal areas, and many want to avoid another pandemic stuck in a city.

There is also a general boost in potential buyers wanting the maximum outdoor space possible for their budget. The knowledge that there could come a time when they have to spend most of the time in the house, or the outdoor space, has potential buyers looking at the garden of houses they could buy, much more closely.

If you’re thinking of selling up, now is the time to put the spotlight on your garden. Whereas before, presenting the potential was enough, now you have to go the extra mile to present your garden in its best possible light.

To help you get your outdoor space looking beautiful ready for sale, take a look at these tips:

1. Make Sure It Is Easily Managed

Regardless of your target buyer, an easily managed garden appeals to everyone. You should remove any shrubs or trees that take a lot of maintenance, instead, ensuring everything is easy to trim and take care of.

2. Get The Grime Sorted Out

Any grubby areas with dirty build-ups, like patio tiles or blockwork, should be jet washed. Don’t have a jet washer? Try using your hosepipe on the jet option, it should help get rid of some of the grime.

3. Fix Up The Wood

Any rotten fence panels, old tired decking, or other old wood needs to be treated and fixed up. Replace anything that is too far gone to repair. Anything that can be repaired, sand back, treat, and varnish or paint. You might want to use brighter colors whilst you do this, for a more modern-looking garden.

If there are decks on your garden, you need to ensure that the wood used in their construction is also maintained properly. If you do not have a deck, creating one before you sell can really elevate the valuation of your home. Just to give you an example, the added value that can be added to your garden/outdoor space will be a minimum of 3x as compared to the actual construction costs of the garden.

4. Treat Weeds

Removing weeds will temporarily fix the aesthetics of the garden. However, homeowners with a keen eye will see that your weed cover is old, or the grout between the tiles is past its best. For a small amount of time and money you can reassure buyers they won’t have to deal with weeds within a few weeks of moving in.

5. Zoning

Zoning helps show the potential of a garden, for more than one use. As with a home, you only have to suggest uses, you don’t have to fully present them. This is important for gardens that are young and will require some nurturing to their full potential. A few toys in a basket near the lawn, some beanbags and lowered table on the patio, or a few staged pot plants on the decking, all suggest use, without costing you much for this kind of presentation.

6. Clearing

If there is one thing that makes any garden look ugly, it is a trampoline, climbing frame, or other large plastic child’s toy. Your kids love them, but buyers do not. Utilize cheap self storage to store items whilst you are having viewings. Ensure you move anything large into your self-storage unit in good time, to allow the lawn underneath to recover.

7. Don’t Forget The Front!

Whilst you’re ensuring the back garden looks great, don’t forget the front garden. That is the part that will give your property curb appeal, so it is important! Keep everything trimmed back, level out the path tiles, and consider placing a few pots around the front door. It’s your first impression, so it counts.

It is so important to make the most of your outdoor space if you are selling up post-pandemic. This is especially true if you live in an urban area, as that side of the market is predicted to take a hit after lockdown. People want to live in more rural or coastal areas, which means urban properties have to really push their natural elements.

Follow our tips above, put the effort in, and don’t be afraid to throw a bit of money at your outdoor space. Buyers care about the garden, so it does make sense to invest in this important selling point in order to make a quick sale for the asking price.

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