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Subham Shah is a marketing professional tasked with managing different facets of digital marketing. He helps businesses with different SaaS startups, their planning, and execution. He might be a millennial but has a soft heart of old-school hard rock and metal music.
good housing in low budget
Home & garden
How To Find Good Housing In New York When You Have A Low Budget

Do you want to live frugally or on a budget in New York City or are you already there and wondering if it’s possible? You’ve found the perfect place and are not alone. Living in New York City was never….

BY Subham Shah
Criminal Charges
Criminal Charges: How Cases Get Started

Criminal Proceedings are a common affair and come under a structured format in a democratic setup. The major element that separates a thriving democracy from an anarchist state is Law and order. That law and order are the same for….

BY Subham Shah