Architecture specialists recommend that when building a home, we must pay particular attention to the land on which it stands, as well as the position of the future home. At the same time, they say that the best houses are the ones with one level.

Many people prefer to build a home from scratch than buy a ready-made one. The desire to arrange it as they wish, with the desired shape and functionality, makes them choose the construction option. Houses have become preferred in some cases over apartments. This is due to the surrounding green space, but also the privacy of some residential areas.

Building a home is a complex and often difficult task, especially when the beneficiary is not an architect or engineer, and he does not know much about how to build houses. That is why creating a new home can become a nightmare or a lousy investment if you do not follow a series of rules and especially if you do not resort to a specialist in the field, such as the Kookaburra Builders.

Essential Tips for Building a Dream House:

Choice of land is essential:

Specialists say that everything starts with the selection of the property. A good construction, on bad ground, can become problematic. The land is critical because the house rises on it. Moreover, you need to know the area, for it not to be in a riverbed or a landfill. That is why it is perfect to call a specialist who knows the place, the areas, the history.

A specialist runs a series of studies in the area to find out the potential problems. At the same time, specialists say that when choosing the land, it is good to talk with an expert in the field about the functionality of the future property and eventually the landscaping.

There is no need to buy too much land, especially if you have a limited budget. Every piece of land must be exploited, and the choice of property must take into account the way the house should look.

Last but not least, it is imperative for the utilities to be at the very limit of the property precisely to be able to serve, including the organization of the site.

Follow natural light:

Another important thing to consider after choosing the terrain is the orientation of the house. A well-oriented home based on natural light and cardinal points can become economical as well as healthy for those who live it.

The architect must always consider the orientation. It's the most important thing for a home. In the function of the house, some spaces do not have to be illuminated perfectly. Areas, living rooms or children's playrooms or children's bedroom must have light. Natural light is essential for these spaces. The kitchen instead does not need so much light, because in general, it is a warm room. The kitchens and bathrooms are usually set to point the North direction. Read this.

Advantages of a one-story house:

First of all, it is about functionality, utility and maintenance, and construction costs. See all the advantages of such a home below.

  1. Single-level, well-built houses are more resistant to seismic activity.
  2. If 20 years ago the world wanted a bigger home, now they are focusing on minimalism. Space must be exploited optimally, the house must be functional, without unnecessary spaces, easy to operate, and simple.
  3. For a single-story house, you do not need a broad foundation.
  4. The dwelling can be raised even from unconventional materials because the structure of the house's resistance is simple.
  5. It is easier to maintain, and the complications with the concrete between the ground floor and the upper floor disappear.
  6. All this adds the ease with which you can arrange larger rooms, large windows,and other aesthetic arrangements.
  7. There is also the higher energy efficiency because,in the house built by a good specialist, the air circulates well from one room to the other.

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  1. Moreover, one-level houses, experts say, are easily expandable in the future.

When you imagine how you want the future house to look like, you should keep into account the points given in this article. Experts say the ideal home actually represents your own personality.

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