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What are the Best Home Security Systems?

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read August 19, 2019 Last Updated on: February 12th, 2020

home security systems

Home security systems work in various ways but always feature a logic gate. Any complex electrical operation out there starts with these components, which are embedded within all digital circuitry and are responsible for the functionality of computers, smartphones and of course, security systems. Think of them as the figurative middlemen in your tech that carry out your various commands – if you want more, tech wizards RS Components will provide them.
Nevertheless, some home security systems are better than others. They’ll feature cameras, microphones and vary greatly depending on how accessible they are to the user. Alarms alone don’t make the grade anymore, even though they’re still necessary!
Consequently, it’s worth asking the question; what are the best home security systems? Let’s consider this line of inquiry further below.


Of course, with any range of products out there today, there’s a spectrum of how capable and competent each home security system is. After all, Google recently confessed to installing a secret microphone in their alarm products, so not everyone can be trusted on the manufacturing side either. With distrust coming from all sides, solid answers and trustworthy innovators are needed.
Ring steps in here, allowing people to monitor their homes from their smartphones and computers by utilizing security cameras and video doorbells. That means criminals can be identified immediately at the front door, even when you’re away from home. You can even speak to whoever’s at your directly, intruder or otherwise. Just as importantly, Ring provides a transparent service too; you know about all the hidden microphones already, but potential burglars don’t!


Netatmo is among the best at providing home security systems, simply because of the diversity in their products. While they’ve covered the burglar bases with smart indoor and outdoor cameras, they’re also making strides in providing smart smoke alarms too. You can be notified of fires whether you’re in or out of the five, because the device tips you off you via your smartphone with real-time alerts.
Best of all though, Netatmo products are easy to install and can be done so without extra fees. It’s not only your home’s security that matters to them but your financial security too!

Hive Home

Hive Home is the UK’s leading smart home provider and provide things like night vision capable smart cameras, but also specialize in providing sensory security equipment, which is undoubtedly useful to the owner. If their technology picks up any activity at your home, notifications can be sent straight to your smartphone to keep you tipped off about what’s occurring in your walls.
Obviously, this is among the best of the home security systems available today, simply because of the peace of mind they can grant the owner. There’s no worrying or panicking that someone has broken in while you’re away… well, unless you get a notification that something or someone is moving around inside your home…

Burglar alarms

While burglar alarms alone aren’t dependable, they’re still a mandatory feature that your home should have. They’re now the basic level of security that every property must be equipped with, instead of the main deterrent. Consequently, don’t assume that smart tech can completely replace them or render them obsolete.
Video footage and smartphone recordings are admittedly impressive, but that blaring siren for when an intruder has immerged is still vital. It’ll wake you up if you’re sleeping, and potentially tip off neighbors or nearby police if you’re in any kind of trouble. Ultimately, never think you won’t need a burglar alarm – they’ll always be essential!

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