When it comes to learning new things, humans have always been curious to find new ways to do so. Likewise, writers also have to bring change in their thought process and write accordingly so that the readers are satisfied after finding answers to their questions.

However, not only the readers, but the writers also deserve to be benefited as well. Good work requires time and effort and must be recognized accordingly. Most of the Q/A platforms don’t value the writers and end up spreading garbage over the internet. Therefore, content writers must do thorough research as to which websites are the best to showcase their talent on.

Luckily, there is one such websiteAnswerly”, that thinks of the readers and writers both. Not only that, but it also ensures that quality content is being published allowing the writers to make good money out of it. So, if you are a writer, read below to find a couple of reasons as to why Answerly is one of the best platforms to get your work recognized.

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1. Choose to Write About What Inspires You

1. Choose to Write About What Inspires You

Most of the writers have few niches on which they have writing command. Some of you might not be comfortable writing on various topics, worry not! Answerly has got you covered! It works like other Q/A platforms and just like that, hundreds of questions are asked daily on Answerly too. Be it agriculture, linguistic, science writers can choose to write on any topic they want.

This website is quite different from other blogging sites, where writers are required to write a minimum of 300 words. This limitation doesn’t exist on Answerly the writers have a free hand to respond to questions in any way they want. As long as the answers are original, accurate, and concise, writers are good to go.

2. Say Goodbye To Empty Pockets!

Answerly is based on a Stellar blockchain which has revolutionized the world of writing because it is a blend of crypto and writing! So no more worries of being out of work because being a writer on Answerly can make you super rich gradually.

The basics of the app are the same as any other Q/A platform i.e post questions or answers, but the twist is being paid in cryptocurrency. The questioners get a set amount of rewards while people who write answers are paid according to their user levels. These rewards are called Answerly Tokens and the writers can earn well once they reach the topmost level.

3. No Delay in Rewards!

Earning the rewards might not be a problem for most writers. But having it in your reach might be a problem on some other platforms. Most Q/A websites delay the writer’s payment to the extent that they have no other choice but to stop writing for them. In this way, they are left with no work.

However, on Answerly, there is no delay in claiming your hard-earned tokens. Once the writers create their Stellar wallet, there is no stopping them! The withdrawing process is smooth and swift. It uses the services of a Stellar-based project called Lobstr. In this way, the withdrawal process is secure and quick. The need to issue a trust line physically for ANSR is also eliminated. The growth of the Stellar family has created a win-win situation for users as well as Answerly.

4. Let the Pictures Say Out Loud!

Most of the times people tend to notice the pictures first before reading the content. Other times they tend to skip the reading because of the absence of photos. Your writing shouldn’t be the only thing to capture the audience, you need some pictures to speak volumes as well.

Luckily, Answerly allows the writers to add pictures from its Unsplash library. It is integrated with the system with tons of photos to choose from. Of course, the credibility of an answer is determined by its structure, accuracy, and grammar. But, having striking photos also says a lot about the content itself.

5. Self-promotion Won’t Steal Your Thunder!

5. Self-promotion Won’t Steal Your Thunder!

Unlike Quora, Answerly strictly has a no self-promoting policy. On other Q/A websites, there are tons of advertisements and branded posts. In this process, the true essence of these platforms is lost. Eventually, the questioners look for alternatives too.

However, Answerly works on a flawless algorithm that doesn’t let any spam content be passed on. Plus, it keeps a check to ensure no ads or self-promotion is carried out on different answers. In this way, the writers can get their answers upvoted easily while people looking for solutions can find them without having chaos between both parties.

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Final Thoughts

The life of a content writer isn’t easy. There is a constant struggle, research, and thought process involved! Therefore, they deserved to receive recognition accordingly. The heart and soul they put into their work are reflected in their writing. It takes a lot of practice and patience to reach the highest level of becoming a content writer, but with Answerly, everything is worth it in the end!

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