Cancer Prevention: Dietary Choices To Reduce Your Risk Of Cancer

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

Risk Of Cancer

Cancer has become an epidemic over past generations, and the search for knowledge regarding the spike in statistics is at an all-time high.  Though cancer is still the “incurable” diagnosis we all fear, what we know about the condition has expanded exponentially.

Though we have always understood that what we eat affects our bodies, the correlations have never been so refined.  Check out a few dietary choices you can make to reduce your risk of cancer.

Understand the nature of cancer:

Cancer occurs when cells in the body mutate and continue mutating in a harmful manner.  There are many kinds of cancer, but the base issue within the body is the same.

Mutated cells running amuck cause harm and deterioration to the body.  There’s no direct cause for cancer, but science has identified several risk factors over the years.

Moderate your meat portions:

Meat really shouldn’t be the main staple in your diet. There have been numerous studies linking a diet full of red meat can raise your risk of developing cancer in the breasts and colon.  You should pay special attention to avoid large amounts of processed meats too.

Ham, bacon and hot dogs are typically not a good choice as a source of protein.  Learn to center your meals around whole grains and veggies, and add a small portion of meat as a compliment.

Eat lots of fruits and veggies:

Don’t ever underestimate the importance of fruits and vegetables in your diet.  Eating lots of whole plant foods will lower your risk of developing more than one type of cancer.  Fruits and veggies lower your risk of lung, oral, esophageal, stomach, and colon cancer.

If you are one of those people who thinks it’s okay to overlook these food groups, you’re selling your body short.  You can feel much better than you do today by simply adding a couple of servings of fruits and veggies to your daily routine.

Beans/legumes are a great dietary choice:

Beans are not only a great source of protein, but they also contain a healthy dose of fiber.  Eating plenty of black beans, lentils, lima beans, and navy beans will help lower your risk of developing colorectal cancer.

As an added note, when you’re cooking your beans, don’t overload them with salt.  Too much sodium will simply nullify the true health benefits of the food.

Cinnamon has several health benefits:

Cinnamon is a superfood, as it benefits your body in many different ways.  Cinnamon is good for lowering blood sugar and calming inflammation in the body.

Recently, cinnamon has also been linked as an efficient blocker of the spread of cancer cells.  Next time you have the option to add cinnamon, don’t hesitate.

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