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If you are unable to head to an exotic beach destination to get yourself an attractive tan, do not fret! You can manage a beautiful self-tan at home. With numerous self-tanning products available in the market, getting a gorgeous tan is now easy and quick. You can choose any type of self-tanning products including lotions, gel, cream, spray, milk or mousse and it will work wonders on your skin. Always keep in mind that the entire process of getting a self-tan could be tedious and will take time for you to get used to it. But once you master the steps, you will be able to complete the entire process within no time. If you are trying it for the first time, you need to remain patient and follow the instructions properly to ensure that your natural looking self-tan lasts for days. It will take a little time to learn the steps of self-tanning.

Prepare yourself :

Before you begin self-tanning, you need to collect the required products beforehand. These include a self-tanner, a scrub which will help remove the dead skin cells and give you an even look. Tight fitting latex gloves that can be disposed off later. A wand, lotion wrap or a paintbrush which will ensure that you reach your back if there is nobody helping you. You will also need vaseline in order to protect your eyebrows from getting a tan. Further, you need a tissue, a hair tie to keep the hair out of the face and a mirror.

You need to ensure that you have enough time for preparation and then for the application. You cannot rush this process. You will require a few hours specially allotted for the application and drying of the lotion. You can do it before bedtime so that the product remains on your skin overnight.

Application :

 You need to understand the steps of application for effective results. First of all, shave the areas where you do not want hair one hour before you begin the application. After shaving, begin with exfoliation of the skin. You can do this a day before or a couple of hours before the application. Exfoliation products work best on the clean and fresh skin. You need to ensure that your skin is dry after the process and get the moisture out of the air. Stay out of steamy bathrooms as self-tanning products do not go well with water. Before you begin the application, apply Vaseline on the eyebrows in order to ensure that the eyebrows are safe. Always apply moisturizer before you apply a self-tanner on your body. You do not want the tanner on your skin beforehand. Next, wear the gloves and begin with the application of the product from the head. Work in short, circular motions and ensure that you get behind your neck and ears. Cover all the exposed areas. Apply it on your feet and legs and then apply it on the chest, shoulders, stomach and arms. You may put a little on the top of your hands and keep your palms clean. Apply it on the back, at last, you may have to use a strap or a wand for it. Once the application is complete, take a tissue and wipe it off the top of the feet, knees, elbows and wrists. It will not be wiped off completely, only a little colour is taken away from these areas. This trick will work wonders for your skin.  If you have not used gloves, you need to wash your hands thoroughly. Lastly, use a blow-dryer to dry the areas where you have applied the tanner. Spend a few seconds on all the areas.

Fix the mistakes :

Once you have applied the self-tanner, you might have to wait for an hour before you put on any clothes or head to bed. It will take some time for the products to dry and work on your skin. Leave it alone for as long as you can. You can go to after about an hour, It will work best if you leave it overnight. You can put a tool on the bed before getting in. In the morning, go ahead and shower. You will have a beautiful glowing tan. If you notice any areas that do not look normal, you can fix them. You simply need to add a little more products to the areas that are uneven and blend it well. You can also use lemon juice to erase a lot of colour from certain areas on your body. Do not use bleach as it is very bad for your skin. Keep your skin moisturized in order to maintain the tan for a longer period of time. It will naturally fade within a week but it also depends on the type of product you have used. You might need to reapply in a week’s time. You can have your own schedule based on your preference where you could choose to apply the product on your body twice a week and on your face once a week. It totally depends on your personal choice.

These tips help a lot of people with the application of the product but you need to remember that everyone is different and you will have to look for ways that work best for you. It is safe to experiment a little, you can begin with these steps and then make changes according to your body and the situation. These tips teach you how to self-tan but you also need to scout the market and look for products that are the best fit for the purpose. You can choose products based on the user reviews or look for recommendations from a skin specialist. Choosing products for the first time maybe a little difficult but once your skin is used to the product, there will be no trouble in the application of the same. The results will last longer and will be seen in no time. Based on your personal choice, you might have to reapply the product for a few times for lasting results. It is important to understand the process of the application first and then begin with it. You might need somebody’s help for the first time of application in order to ensure that the entire body is covered. Application at the back of the neck and on the back might be a little difficult, you could use straps that will help you with the same. Check in the mirror once the product has been applied. You do not want your skin to look weird in certain areas.

The process of self-tan may look confusing and tedious in the beginning but once you understand and learn the tips of application, you will be able to handle it easily. When you see the results, you will be delighted at the way your skin looks! Now you no longer need to spend long hours in the sun trying to get a tan. You can achieve the desired results at home in only a couple of hours. If you do not have the patient to wait for a few hours for the product to dry, it is best for you to apply it overnight for effective results. When you take a bath in the morning, you will be able to notice an excellent tan on your body. You can also work on any areas that need a little bit of retouching.

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