Detox Drinks to Pass a Drug Test on Short Notice

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Drug Test

Let’s be honest. There is no magic wand that will “clean” the history of long-term opiate use on short notice. However, if you like to relax from time to time, there is hope for you to pass the drug test.

You can find a number of products on the market that can help you cleanse your body from harmful substances (including those that are tested for on every drug test), and many of them promise immediate solutions. However, how much can you trust in these “magical potions?”

Most companies force the drug test by taking a sample of urine. It is the quickest, but also the cheapest way to detect the presence of narcotics among employees. For more useful information about the urinal drug test, check this page. If your employer gives you a fair warning about keeping the test, there is a great chance to clean your body in a few days and make the test negative (or at least within acceptable limits).

All-Mighty Water: For Drug Test

Fresh, clean water is the best and most natural thing you can give to your body. People know about all the benefits of water for a long time, and all other detox drinks are based on it. Therefore, for the essential cleansing of the organism, and preparing for a drug test, the daily intake of this fluid should be about three liters.

It will force you to pee more often, and by doing that, you will wash away harmful substances from the body. However, the use of water is not fully effective in the short term. So if you want to pass a drug test with a detox drink, you have to use some additional cleansing agents for achieving the best detox results.

Because of drinking too much water, the urine sample that you give for the drug test is too diluted. As such, it will not be valid. It is necessary that, at the same time, you intensify the intake of vitamin B, or use supplements like pectin, which will return a natural look to your urine.

Another tip is to make sure you pee before going to the drug test. For every required analysis, a morning sample of the urine is taken, and for a valid reason. During the night, all the harmful substances from our body are “accumulating,” and their concentration in the urine is highest in the morning. So drink water before bedtime, even if it means you get up in the middle of the night to pee.

Use Natural Diuretics: For Drug Test

Natural Diuretics

Diuretics are found in the form of nonprescription drugs, but also in ingredients we use every day such as herbal tea, cranberry juice, coffee, apple vinegar, etc. They act like any other fluid we take; they serve to eliminate the surplus of water from the body.

This retained water, which is secreted through the urine, will pull a number of toxins from the organism (drug metabolites). Therefore, consuming these drinks before a drug test will affect a significant reduction in the concentration of harmful substances in the urine sample.

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These Are Not Permanent Solution: For Drug Test

You need to understand that no one of the above substances mentioned above can be of real help. According to experts, there are other far more credible ways of passing drug tests. In recent years, most experts are betting on quick fix urine to help you pass any drug test in the morning. The synthetic mixture is almost impossible to trace and does not show up in any laboratory work.

But don’t be fooled. The dilution of the urine is not permanent; it’s not possible to cleanse the organism from toxins on short notice. The use of diuretic beverages can mask harmful substances, which our body stores in the fat deposits.

The effect of diuretics is temporary. When it stops, the concentration of harmful metabolites is again present in the body. So, in the case of a repeated drug test, you should make more efforts to cleanse the organism from drugs.

So if we want to eliminate them permanently, we have to get rid of excessive body fat. However, for temporary use, green tea or apple cider vinegar diluted in warm water is a great thing to consume right before testing.

On this webpage, find out how the percent of your body fat can affect the depositing of toxins in your body:

Detox Drinks on the Market: For Drug Test

Companies that take drug testing seriously may not accept the result of a test that is neither positive nor negative but diluted. Most employers consider this a passing result. However, if you know that your company is rigorous about drug tests, or there is a proven reason why these analyses should be conducted accurately, you may need to turn to some of the chemical products for cleansing your organism.

Detox drinks that you can find on the market have essential nutrients, like minerals and vitamins, which will keep your urine in the standard condition. Even when the testing sample is diluted with water or some other drink for masking toxins in it, these substances make your urine look normal. Some of the compounds found in these drinks are vitamin B complex, creatinine, etc.

Detox potions remove harmful substances for real; they do not just “cover” the toxins in the sample. Depending on how much time you have before testing, these methods will flush your entire body if you take it for a couple of days. By getting off the drugs and the regular use of other detox methods, you can cleanse your body permanently.

Most of these detox drinks you can take several hours before giving a sample. Compounds in these liquids will clean your bladder and urinary tract for a few hours, which is enough time to pee in a cup and send it for analysis. It comes well as first aid, after a sudden announcement of having a drug test.

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It won’t cost you anything to try some of these detox drinks, except for those tens or hundreds of dollars. Plus, think that you will need some time until these products reach you. If you can’t find them in a nearby store, so you have to make an online order. In any case, it won’t hurt you to try natural alternatives to cleansing the body. But in the future, you should consider quitting drug consumption. there can be many risks it can affect your job, health or social behavior.


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