Reducing Your Risk of Being Infected by the Delta Variant

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COVID-19 has posed an active threat to the entire planet for well over a year. With over four million deaths worldwide – over 600,000 of which occurred in the U.S. – the novel coronavirus has facilitated a pandemic the likes of which few people currently alive have ever experienced. Now the delta variant makes the situation even worse.

Furthermore, despite the ready availability of vaccines in the United States, the refusal of millions of Americans to get vaccinated has given rise to a number of COVID-19 variants. The Delta variant, in particular, is cause for concern, as it’s even; more infectious and deadly than standard COVID-19. Anyone looking to steer clear of the Delta variant and uphold public health would do well to heed the following pointers.

 4 Tips To Protect Your Body From The Delta Variant

If they don’t care enough to prioritize customer safety, why should vulnerable patrons continue to support them? Furthermore, even if you’re fully vaccinated, continue to wear a mask whenever you venture out into public – regardless of whether your state currently has any mask mandates in place.  

Here are the three easy tips which are helping you to protect your body from the delta variant.

1. Get Vaccinated Posthaste

1. Get Vaccinated Posthaste

Prevention needs to be a strong defense during COVIV-19. There’s no better way to protect yourself from the Delta variant – or any form of COVID-19, for that matter – than getting vaccinated at your earliest possible convenience. Like every other vaccine, the COVID-19 vaccines won’t prevent every possible infection, but they will dramatically reduce your likelihood of developing a serious or fatal case of the novel coronavirus. 

So, unless you have a medical condition that precludes you from receiving vaccinations, make a point of getting vaccinated posthaste. 

Furthermore, neither cost nor accessibility should prove a hindrance to your vaccination efforts. For one thing, the COVID-19 vaccines are available completely free of charge, which is unusual for anything healthcare-related in the U.S. Secondly, vaccines are being administered at an expansive number of health clinics, medical facilities, and pharmacies. 

So, no matter where you live, you should be able to find a vaccination site within a reasonable distance of your home to protect your body from the delta variant.   

2. Avoid Contact With Unvaccinated Individuals 

By refusing to take advantage of a highly effective, readily available vaccine, vaccine deniers are showing utter contempt for public health. Regardless of whether this is their intent, their refusal to get vaccinated indicates a disturbing lack of concern for their fellow citizens. 

As such, you should actively avoid in-person contact with individuals who simply can’t be troubled to protect their health and the health of those around them. You can stay away from them by using Personal Protective Equipment(PPE) kits.

Despite the various arguments about “respecting the opinions of others” these people may put forward, they are failing to respect you by placing your health at risk for the delta variant. 

Additionally, don’t allow yourself to be pressured into congregating with unvaccinated friends, family members, or coworkers. Unless these individuals suffer from vaccine-precluding medical conditions, they have no excuse to be walking around unvaccinated. You’re also well within your rights to no longer offer your patronage to businesses that aren’t requiring employees to get vaccinated. 

3. Run Errands Remotely 

3. Run Errands Remotely 

One good way to avoid contact with potentially infected individuals is to run certain errands remotely. Grocery shopping, for example, can comfortably be done from the comfort of home, and with many food stores now offering free curbside pickup, you won’t have to worry about incurring additional fees. 

In addition, if you’re on the hunt for medical advice, reaching out to an online doctor may be in your best interest. REmote errands are the best ways to protect from the delta variant.  

4. Rethink Certain Plans 

When the COVID-19 vaccines became widely available, many of us thought this long nightmare was finally nearing its end and began making post-pandemic plans in earnest. However, now that new infection numbers are once again surging, it may be a good idea to rethink some of these plans. 

For example, if you were planning on traveling to an area that’s currently exploding with new COVID-19 cases or engaging in activities that involve large crowds, you’d be wise to place these plans on hold. While this is likely to prove disappointing, it’s better to be disappointed than infected with the Delta variant.   


Although all of us would prefer to see the COVID-19 pandemic in the rearview, all signs point to the novel coronavirus staying with us for the foreseeable future. As long as a staggering number of Americans refuse to get readily available vaccines, the new delta variant will continue to emerge, effectively prolonging the pandemic even further. While you may be powerless to control their behavior, you can at least take active measures to reduce your risk of infection and help protect public health.   

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