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As huge and all-encompassing as the slots industry can seem to be these days, the reality is that in many countries across the world it is still rather difficult for gamblers to play slots quite as much as they might at first like. This is mainly because some places can still have an inherently negative idea of gambling as a whole, especially of slot gambling that has taken the world by storm over the last few decades as a result of the online casino boom of the 21st century. This, therefore, means that slots casinos in many countries cannot really operate as freely as they might want.

On the other hand, however, there are many countries that have ended up fully embracing slots casinos, aware of the money to be made from the industry. This is the main thing to consider when thinking about gambling regulations, especially in relation to slots – the money factor. There are some places, like Macau for instance, that pretty much exclusively depend on gambling for their revenue, and it, therefore, make sense that they let casinos operate more freely. Read ahead for a low down on some countries that slots casinos can operate more freely in.


Historically speaking the UK has always been fairly tolerant when it comes to gambling, quickly realizing during the 20th century that there was a lot of money to be made through the industry. This is why slot casinos such as Star Slots can operate quite freely in the UK, both in the online domain and for real-life brick and mortar establishments – there is a lot of money to be made through things like taxes!

This freedom does come at a price in the UK however; as online casinos, in particular, are subject to a whole load more regulations. These are just designed to keep online casino sites and developers committed to being transparent and fair with their services, so it is great news for us gamblers.


You really cannot be surprised by the fact that slot casinos can operate freely in most places in the USA, they started their life in the country! In actuality, it can be a bit of a tricky one with the USA, however, as due to their split in federal and state laws gambling can be seen differently from state to state.

What you cannot deny, however, is that in places like Las Vegas and Atlantic City it is incredibly easy for slots casinos to operate. Can you imagine Las Vegas without slots hall, for instance? It simply would not work, and that is a fact!


Australians are amongst the highest spenders on online slots and land-based slots anywhere in the world, so it must be fairly easy for slots casinos to operate in the vast island country. It even plays home for Eyecon, the company widely acknowledged to be responsible for the world’s first genuine online slot. Those Australians sure do know how to gamble.

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