Did you ever envision yourself hunting down unique and giant monsters and then skinning them alive and making new weapons and armor out of them? While this might seem very gruesome to you, we gamers truly enjoy killing many monsters. And yes, it is entirely normal to have such violent, power-hungry fantasies as a gamer.

If you want to see yourself become the world's best monster hunter, then Monster Hunter World is the perfect game for you to stretch your muscles a bit and kill giant monsters that are seven times your size.

But, are you one of those gamers who has never played this game? There is no reason to worry about now since we have the perfect guide to help you start plating Monster Hunter: World right now?

What Is Monster Hunter: World?

What Is Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World is an open-world adventure RPG game developed by Capcom and released for PC, PS4, and Xbox One in 2018. This game was followed by a DLC expansion called Monster Hunter World: Iceborn released the following year. Overall, the game has received critical acclaim from critics and gamers globally, calling it a great action game to sink hundreds of hours into.

In this game, you create a customizable character and then go off to hunt every monster you see in your sights. Of course, you can trap these monsters if you want, but most gamers simply enjoy brutally tearing off their limbs and tails into pieces with their greatsword.

You can play with three of your other friends in online multiplayer co-op mode. This game has received acclaim over the years because of how intelligent the monster AI is. However, they require you to use specific strategies and weapons to defeat them.

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How To Play Monster Hunter: World?

How To Play Monster Hunter World

You should be pretty excited to play Monster Hunter World and probably even start downloading the game. However, before you jump headfirst in the game and die to the first monster you come across, give some of these valuable tips and tricks a read.

1. How Many Monsters In Monster Hunter World?

How Many Monsters In Monster Hunter World

There are a total of 94 monsters to hunt in this game, with almost 20 of them being added in the Monster Hunter World Iceborn DLC expansion.

To hunt a monster, you need to first be in the town of Astrea - the central hub area of the game. Here, you will get various quests related to hunting certain monsters. In addition, the bestiary will mention some of the weaknesses and strengths of the monsters. Also, before you go questing, eat in the canteen of Astera to temporarily increase your powers for the upcoming fight.

Therefore, check your bestiary and prepare yourself for the fight by equipping the right gear. Then, start tracking the monster down by beginning to look for tracks and clues left behind by the rampaging monster. This is important if you want to know how many monsters are in Monster Hunter World, just like it was in Divinity Original Sin 2.

As soon as you track it down, engage cautiously since they can often be found in packs. Have a specific strategy in mind while you go hunting for monsters. Or else you can risk becoming a tasty monster snack pretty quickly, just like in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt.

When it comes down to the fight, we recommend you play cautiously and patiently. Always keep your distance from the monster and charge in for the kill only when you have an opening between its attacks. Don't attack recklessly. Wait for the perfect opportunity to strike, then back out. Rinse and repeat and continue attacking the weak points of the monsters. Defending yourself from damage is crucial since giant monsters will do a ton of damage to you. Therefore, learn the art of dodging monster attacks.

After the monster has been downed, you have the option to either kill it or see Monster Hunter World how to capture guides on YouTube. Killing it might give you exclusive materials to craft better weapons and armor, but catching them alive will provide you with more other types of rewards. Always check the bestiary and the quest rewards to make the best decision.

2. How To Choose The Right Weapon In Monster Hunter World?

How To Choose The Right Weapon In Monster Hunter World

To choose the right weapon for the right monster, you need to understand the elemental and weapon weaknesses of the monster. All monsters have a fundamental flaw and are weak to certain damages that you can check from the monster bestiary.

The types of weapons you can equip are:

  • Long Swords
  • Great Swords
  • Dual Swords
  • Bows
  • Lances
  • Axes
  • Sword and Shield
  • Bowguns

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3. How To Choose The Right Armor In Monster Hunter World?

How To Choose The Right Armor In Monster Hunter World

Not only you, but monsters can also do various types of damage. When hunting for a beast, check the bestiary first to know what kind of damage they do. Then, equip armors that best reduce the damage from such attacks. Finally, mix and match various armor sets to get the right combination that you need.

Also, keep all your weapons and armors upgraded as much as possible to better stand a chance against these big, bad boys.

4. How To Play With Friends In Monster Hunter World?

How To Play With Friends In Monster Hunter World

If you think you are dying quickly in Monster Hunter World, then it's time to bring a friend along. You can call for help from other online players by going to the options menu and then joining or creating a squad in public sessions. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. Is Monster Hunter: World Shutting Down?

After five years of being active, the game shut down its multiplayer servers in November 2020.

Q2. Is Monster Hunter: World Still Free?

No, Monster Hunter World is not a free game.

Q3. Is Monster Hunter: World Still Worth Buying?

Yes, Monster Hunter World is a great game worth buying in 2022.

Q4. Is Monster Hunter: World Hard?

While Monster Hunter World is not a challenging game like Dark Souls, some boss monsters can take a long time to beat.


Monster Hunter World is one of the best PC games ever created, thanks to its assortment of Monster Hunter World Mods that you can use to modify the game for hilarious effects. If you do not want to use mods, then this game is excellent as it is. The sheer joy of tracking down a monster and killing it with your own bare hands is something that cannot be understood by reading it. Play the game to experience the magic yourself.

If you think you are ready for Monster Hunter World, then read our other gaming guides too!

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