Are you planning to upgrade your current generation of gaming console but you haven't decided what to buy yet? There are many famous names in the gaming industry, like Microsoft and Nintendo, but their product specification varies.

At this point, the best choice you have is to go for PS4 Pro released by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Aside from looking sleek and sexy,  here are the reasons why you should own a PlayStation 4 Pro.

Powerful Features

Gaming consoles are almost the same regarding features and quality, but there are some ingredients which the PS4 Pro has that others don’t. It offers incredible graphics which enables you to seek and explore brilliant worlds in games that are for the specifications of the PS4 Pro.

The Console has improved gameplay which is intended for faster frame translation which delivers sharpened action in some PS4 apps and games. The advanced system also provides entire gaming communities to interact which is suitable for almost any PS4 game. This capability means that you can also play with other PS4 players online.

Costs Less Among Other Consoles

It’s Game Time

The second reason to consider owning a PS4 Pro is that of its inexpensive price tag. The price of the PS4 Pro fits perfectly compared to its competitors. Although they have different specifications,  the PS4’s performance is most suitable for a lot of gamers.

Sony PS4 Pro can provide excellent performance and experience in gaming but with a less expensive price tag. The Console costs $100 less than Microsoft’s Xbox One X. You can visit some sites such as  DealWiki if you want more affordable price on the PS4 Pro.

It’s the Most Sophisticated Gaming Console Built by Sony

Using an ethernet cable, transferring games from your existing PS4 is more comfortable. It is a device that can copy all the progress of the game automatically. Additionally, It is good for your console to have an added USB port, where you can keep your headset inserted, while you are clearing up the front plugs for your USB controller and headset.

If you own a PlayStation VR, Sony PS4 is the best choice for you. It offers comfortable headphones and supports games such as Batman and Resident Evil 7, which will give you a breathtaking VR experience.

Supports Impressive HDR and 4K Games

Sony is hard at work when it guarantees that the PlayStation 4 Pro focuses on 4K and HDR. 4K refers to the display of screen resolution horizontally in the form of 4,000 pixels which is the next new TV resolution standard.

Sure that the Microsoft’s Xbox One X supports games in native HDR,  but the PlayStation 4 Pro can also do it using checkerboard rendition that improves the resolution and graphics. PS4 Pro is very capable of playing games at 4K. Even if you don't own a 4K television, it can still provide brilliant colors and sharper HDR rendition.

The Games

It’s Game Time

Games offered by PS4 Pro are one of a kind and worth playing. Here are examples of Console exclusive PS4 games that will surely leave other platform holders drooling.

  • BloodBorne / Dark Souls 3 Complete Editions

Notoriously known for its difficulty and requirement of careful strategizing, Bloodborne is one of the most outstanding action role-playing games made by Sony’s system. It offers extreme trials and endless battle circles.

While Dark Souls 3 is multi-platform, two years ago, Bloodborne was a PS4 private when it was released, and it still a definite must-play for the program. Both are available now, including complete editions that introduce all the following and enriching content. These games are part of the Souls series developed by Japanese game designer Hidetaka Miyazaki.

  • Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn allows you to delve into post-apocalyptic earth while allowing you to control Alloy, the game’s protagonist. This console exclusive from Guerilla games is perfect for the PS4 Pro because of its lush environment and meticulous world design. Just by walking in the vegetation and staring at old and broken down buildings, one can say that this game is built for the PS4 Pro system.


PlayStation 4 Pro marks the beginning of High Definition Gaming for the console playing gamers. There are so many reasons why you should own a PS4 Pro such as console exclusive games like Horizon Zero Dawn and the Souls Series. PS4 pro is also a mighty console, leaving all of the competition behind.

If you’re a die hard console gamer, buying a PS4 Pro over other gaming console products is the right choice for you. PlayStation 4 pro doesn't just have an affordable price; it also provides an excellent gaming experience that every gamer must have.

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