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How You Can Properly and Efficiently Unpack After Your Move

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023


Everyone can agree that packing for a move is challenging, and it’s easy for things to go wrong – you might forget to pack something important, you might misplace an item, and so on. But if you do things in a methodical way, there is less of a chance that something may get lost, misplaced, or accidentally thrown out. But after packing and when you are already in your new place comes the job of unpacking. And, needless to say, unpacking can come with some challenges as well. When you’re surrounded with a whole load of boxes and pieces of furniture, it can seem a bit overwhelming – where do you begin? Fortunately, there are some tips you can follow. Here’s how you can properly and efficiently unpack after your move.

What you need to remember:

When you are looking at your furniture and all those boxes scattered around, it can be tempting to get it over and done with as quickly as possible. But this can easily lead to frayed nerves and even arguments, so stop first and remember that you don’t necessarily have to unpack all your things in a day – or even a week. Try to make it more interesting and fun – something that the whole family can engage in as an adventure. To begin, think about your most important and basic needs, such as rest, bathing, and food. After you have sorted through those, then you can begin to tackle other unpacking tasks. To make it even easier, focus on one bedroom or room at a time.

Tips for unpacking your kitchen items:

The professionals in house removals, Cheltenham firm Advanced Removals & Storage, recommend that you start by unpacking your kitchen items first; the good thing about this is that when this is done, the kitchen can become the central area where your family can assemble and take a break from the mess in other rooms. But again, start with the essential items and leave the rest (things you don’t use as much) in boxes whilst you decide where they will go.

Tips for unpacking your bathroom items:

When it comes to the bathroom, you probably have a lot of smaller items to unpack. But here’s one thing to consider: it may be best to focus on unpacking stuff for one bathroom first, as this bathroom can serve as the communal bathroom whilst you sort everything out. Before unpacking anything, test the plumbing and make sure it works, and you can then put the bathroom toiletries in their place.

Tips for unpacking your living area items:

When you are done with the two most important rooms – the bathroom and kitchen – you can then focus on unpacking items for your living area. Before you move pieces of furniture or start unpacking your living area items, sketch out the room and make a drawing of how you want your furniture to be placed. It is, after all, easier to erase a drawing than it is to move and pick up furniture.

Tips for unpacking your bedroom items:

Here’s one thing to remember: if you don’t get to finish all the bedrooms in a night, you can always do it the next day. Or the next. The point is, you just need a single room on the first night, so what you can do is put mattresses together in a single room (perhaps the master bedroom) and ‘camp out’. The next day, ask for help with the moving of furniture but ask the occupants of the respective bedrooms to unpack as well as fix and arrange their own belongings in each room.

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