When you think about decorating your interior, the very first element of the decoration process that must’ve come to your mind is tiling.

These days tiling has become an integral part of home decor, they are being used now in every space of the house, also in the exterior of the house. Without proper tiling, a house seems incomplete, so you must make sure that you go through proper tiling when you are building your house.

Choosing the perfect tiles for your home can be a tough task, as there are tiles of many types, designs, colors, textures, and patterns. Moreover, different types of tiles are used at different places, so it becomes more difficult.

But after choosing the tiles, the actual difficulty arises, as the tile installation process is the toughest task of the lot. Without installing the tiles in a proper manner, you can’t have good home decor.

So you need to be careful while you are installing the tiles, and make sure that you are maintaining the rules of installation properly.

Ensuring that The Tiles are Leveled Properly-

During the installation process of the tiles, you must make sure that the tiles are leveled properly. Otherwise, you will face problems like tile lippage and others, and the tiles won’t remain much durable.

You can ensure that your tiles are perfectly level with the surface in some ways. When you are installing tiles on your floor or your walls, you need to be cautious about tile lippage.

When the tiles are not leveled properly, you will see variations in the heights of adjoining tiles, and that will be the sign of the tiles not being leveled correctly. And these can happen for many reasons, such as wrong lighting during the tiling. Uneven surface, defective tiles, etc.

Also, the lippage can become excessive with time, as many other factors might kick in while you are living in the house. But you should know that you can easily prevent tile lippage by taking some measures, and then you can have a perfectly level wall or floor.

To make sure that the tiles are leveled properly in order to have a level surface you can go through the following steps.

Leveling the Subfloor:

When you are about to install tiles on your floor, the first step is to prepare the subfloor. The same goes for the walls too. You will have to remove any kind of debris you can find on the surface so that you can have a clean and clear area to work with.

By this process, you are also going to make sure that the subfloor is completely even, and when you will install tiles on them, the tiles won’t be uneven.

If you are going for plywood subfloors, you will have to look out for any loose boards that might make the whole surface uneven. It is best if you use a grinder in terms of concrete floors. As you can use that to even out any kind of imperfections the sub-surface might have.

If you can level the subfloor like this before tiling your floor, or the wall surface before tiling the wall, you will have level walls and floors easily, there won’t be any slippage to bother you.

Managing Radiant Heating Systems:

If you involve radiant floor heating in the tiling process, you should make sure that you have attached the system securely to the subfloor, and maintain appropriate measurements like using ⅜ inch of self-leveling or ¾ inch of the dry pack over the whole system.

Maintaining these will ensure that the heating system won’t lift off any area of the sub-surface of the place you are tiling, and the floor or wall will remain level.

You can also go for a sufficient amount of mortar, which will provide a consistent and adequate barrier between the heating element and the tiles, so your surface and tiles will remain even completely.

Controlling Tile Lippage:

You can go for some mechanical leveling system to level the floor and be really confident about the work. You can use leveling caps and spacers to do so, and they will have to be inserted just against the edges of the tiles you are using.

You can manually level the tiles by using those and bring the tiles to an appropriate depth. You can take those off easily after the tiles have been cured and totally leveled.

Final Words:

Having a level surface is important at your home, as tile lippage can cause a lot of problems, and even though you might not care about them first due to their being insignificant, but they can become a huge problem with time if you don’t prevent them before the tiling process.

And you can easily prevent tile lippage and have a perfectly level floor by going through the aforementioned easy processes, so make sure that you are taking the proper measures to ensure a leveled surface in your home.

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