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5 expert tips on how to select the perfect mattress

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023


After a really tiring day, you rush home and the sense of peace that prevails is unparalleled. Whether you are a vibrant person or prefer more subdued tones, your home is where you let go of every inhibition and just be yourself. That said, your home also creates an impression about you in front of people, be it family, friends, or simply acquaintances which means that you cannot have your kitchen décor in your living room. The color scheme, the furniture and even the whole feel of the rooms are different. There are some houses where the living room and the bedroom are in contrast to each other while there are a few houses whose overall theme remains the same throughout the rooms with just changes in the required furniture and accessories.

Choosing the perfect mattress for your bedroom:

The bedroom is the most coveted and sacred space in your house. Space where you can be yourself, unwind and prepare for another day. And while we are talking about relaxing and preparing for another day, how can we forget sleep. When we sleep we rejuvenate our body – recharge if you will – and in order to recharge you need a proper mattress. While there are many best mattress in India it does not mean that it is deal for everyone. There are a few aspects that you need to consider when you are selecting the perfect mattress for yourself, like:

  1. The mattress kind matters a lot since it impacts the durability and the correct posture support. In India, there are mainly four types of mattresses that are used, coir, spring, foam and memory foam. While you do also have the option of water beds or air beds, its best to avoid these as their long term benefits are not that high. The location you live in, your physical condition and the amount of money you’re willing to spend determine the mattress you will buy.
  2. Your physical comfort comes next. If you suffer from backaches then opt for foam mattresses since they are known best for their support of the body, to make sure you are not uncomfortable or feel pressure at any point. But, if you tend to sweat a lot then coir is the way to go. You can also opt for the hybrid coir and spring mattresses to get decent support without ruining your mattress.
  3. Financially, mattresses are an investment that requires a lot of thought. A proper quality mattress will last for a good ten years which is great since you do pay quite a decent amount for it. This durability is ensured by the materials used in the mattress. Here, coir outlasts spring and foam but without proper care, the mattress will suffer demise rather fast
  4. If you share your bed then you need to ensure that your mattress has motion disturbance prevention and this is achieved best in coir and foam mattresses. The movement of one will not disturb the other and you can also aim for hybrid mattresses of coir and foam to ensure the mattress lasts longer especially if you live in a place that experiences very humid climate.
  5. Organic is the way to go. Memory foam mattresses and latex are often ranked higher in terms of preference and durability but these mattresses contain chemicals that harm the person so it is best to avoid these.

Choosing the mattress is not enough, you need to take good care of it to make sure your investment is a value for money. Air the mattresses, let them soak in the sun, especially the coir ones and make sure to change the covers and vacuum it every week.

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