Decorating a bedroom is a duty quite different from planning for the rest of the house. If a large bedroom is hard to design because you don’t know how to fill the spaces with beauty, think for a moment when it comes to designing a small bedroom. For sure, a small bedroom does not necessarily mean less difficult to handle.

What worries us is that putting stuff around the cramped space might mean shrinking it further visually. We worry where to find a space to place the lampstand, where to store our clothes, or if putting a small desk is a right decision.

But worry not, there are ways to fool the eye and turn your small bedroom into a cozy place for sleeping. Here are some tips on how to make the most out of your small bedroom and to make it look larger than it is.

Use Your Bed as a Focal Point

A bedroom needs a focal point where you can set the tone of your decor. It can be at the head of the bed which you can make look spectacular with a display of pillows or a set of quilt covers. You can also place the bed in front of the window to blend the eye-catching view into one. In this way, your small room will look more organized.

Go for Multi-Purpose Furnitures

In a small room, space is significant. A multi-purpose furniture is an ultimate option to make the most out of the space. You can go for a headboard that you can put on your books and magazines, or a nightstand with drawers. There are also bed designs that have storage underneath for additional storage.

Use Sconces Instead of Bedside Lamps

Sconces light

As we need to save up space, we need not place lamps on our bedside. The best alternative is sconces because you can just install it above the headboard or on the wall. It also draws our eyes upward, which makes the look of the room airy and spacious. Some sconces are adjustable, which you can just move to where you want to cast its light.

Display Mirrors

When it comes to fooling the eye to make a small space look larger, mirrors can do the magic. You can have mirrors in the closet or above the head of the bed to give the space an illusion of depth. Just make sure that you have a chic and clutter-free room for the mirror not to magnify the mess.

Let the Natural Light In

Natural light will make the room feel spacious and airy. To let the natural light in, avoid using black-out window treatments. Use plain roller blinds or voile and net curtains for privacy instead.

Go for Light Palette

Light Palette

There is a saying that “white opens up a room” and that is typically true. Using light colors for your room makes it more reflective, open, and airy. But this does not mean that you have to paint your room in all-white. You can go for soft, light palette. Pastels and shades of gray can do wonders to your room. You can also select soft tones of white, blue and green for optimum effect.

Add a Feature Wall

Painting the four walls with the same color can make your room look dull and stuffy. Instead, create a centerpiece on the back wall by putting up a darker shade of wallpaper, painting, or a textured panel to create a depth of field.

Choose Furniture with Legs

Furniture with legs helps create an airy and open space. The more floor and wall that shows, the bigger your room will appear. Hence, choosing at least one furniture that has some height such as your dresser, nightstands, and bed will help achieve this effect.

Accentuate the Ceiling with Paint

Anything that draws the eye upwards creates more space in a cramped room. For this effect, a painted ceiling will do the work because it makes the wall disappear, creating an open and spacious feeling.

Less Is More

What makes a room look small and cramped is clutter. If it is not needed and it doesn’t fit, throw it: this is the right philosophy when you have limited space. Get rid of excessive knick knacks and anything that make your room unattractive and messy. Yes, you don’t need a bare and dull room, but overloading it with things is not okay either.bedroom


Small bedrooms can be a cozy and pleasant space to sleep in if we only make it look bigger and organized. Designing it can be challenging, but if we have the right things in mind to do it, we can always do the task. The tips mentioned above are only some of the helpful ways to make the most out of our small rooms.

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