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Why Your Bathroom is the Most Important Room in the House

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read March 12, 2019


For most people in Australia and anywhere in the world, a bathroom is not a place you go out of the way to show your visitors when they drop by. The excitement comes from showing guests your family room, study and living area, even the kitchen. But when it comes to the bathroom, this is just a functional room that you point out if someone needs to use it.  The only time a homeowner would want to show off the bathroom is when they have remodeled it. This article seeks to show you how the bathroom is actually the most important part of your house and therefore deserves attention.

It’s the place where you begin and ends the day:

Whenever you wake up, the first thing that you do is to go to the toilet, wash your hands, brush your teeth, then take a shower and such. At the end of the day, you’d want to come back to the bathroom for a shower and repeat the morning procedure. This should tell you that it is the most important place in your house. Try and imagine what it would be like if you walked in and found no running water in the taps. We spend so much time in this room that such an inconvenience may spoil your whole day. Not to mention make your hands dirty! This is why the place deserves some good touch.

This is the place of ultimate judgment:

Anyone who comes to your house will most likely use the bathroom. If the toilet seat has stains, the sink dirtied with stray hairs and toothpaste, or just has a feeling of an old run-down room, then your guest may judge your cleanliness and even your personality. That is why the room has to be kept clean all the time and repairs and maintenance are done on a regular basis. In fact, a renovation should be done after every 10 years so that your bathroom remains in good condition and is in up to date with the latest trends. If you need a bathroom to remodel then find a quality contractor for the renovations.

The bathroom is a private zone:

Despite it being used regularly, the bathroom is a very private zone once you’re in it. Imagine the many things you can do in the bathroom; whether it’s reading the newspaper, cleaning yourself, and even doing your “business”. It is a sanctuary from the outside world and should feel as such. Modern, relaxing and allows you to relax.

The bathroom sets the tone for the entire house:

It’s no surprise that when renovating a house for sale, people are regularly told to focus on the kitchen and the bathroom. It truly does set the tone for the whole house, and as such, it is a room that you’d want to experiment with high-quality features and finishes. Whether it be a double sink, walk-in shower, heated towel racks or other features, these will give your overall home a great feel. Have you ever been in a house whose bathroom looks posh so that you feel like spending more time there? It’s a place of relaxation and unwinding, as you shower and do any other things. As such, its appearance would make you forget all the troubles you had during the day!

The bathroom is the only place where everyone will go to any time of the day, including your visitors. In fact, before you move to a new house, the most important thing you must check is how well built and spacious this area is. You should make the place clean and comfortable for everyone – it is what makes your house.

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