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Why the High Cost of Moving Companies

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

Moving Companies

Every office move or transport of furniture may incur hidden costs. The reasons for these costs may be found in the service contract, or it may be hidden with the knowledge. It is essential to analyze the contract you sign and to check under what conditions you will have to pay more and for what services. You decide the movers you will work with, and it would be good to know from the beginning the conditions in which the move will take place as well as the moving services that you have included in the price. A serious company will be interested in all the particularities involved in the move. To avoid trouble on the day of the movement, it is best to establish an on-the-spot evaluation with the ones you have chosen to perform the moving services.

Below you find a list of things that may be unclear and below which you may see additional costs that you did not know and for which you were not prepared.

1. Packaging and protective materials:

Be sure to include the packaging of your furniture and personal belongings in the price offered by the moving company. Most high costs are hidden. In the offer, you can write furniture protection, but this is not enough, the mattresses and sofas are wrapped in stretch foil, TVs or PCs in bubble wrap, jars in wrapping paper, etc. If you will require these packing services on the day of your move, you will definitely have to pay extra. If the price offer specifies that it includes the packaging of personal effects, make sure that the necessary materials such as boxes or bags are included, and you will not be put in a delicate situation in which you will be additionally charged.

2. Cancel the move command:

If you have already signed a contract with a moving company and you have set the date of the shipment, but you have changed your mind for some reasons, check the deal, which is the deadline until you can cancel the order without being you have to pay a cancellation fee. If you paid in advance to the company or for an international move and canceled the order a few days before, the Moving Company is entitled not to refund your prepaid money.

3. No parking space or long distance to the access door:

It is imperative to discuss with the relocation company that you contracted to check if a parking space both at the loading and unloading site falls within your charge. Most of the time, the assessment is made at the departure address, where everything is found and in very few cases it goes to the download address. Do not forget to mention if the entrance to the building is an alley of 10-20 meters, or if there are no free parking spaces, or parking on that street is forbidden (such as Magheru Boulevard or Calea Victoriei Boulevard). To avoid the extra costs, take care of booking a parking space or obtaining a parking permit in the forbidden areas.

parking space

4. Moving “lightning.”

If you want to quickly finish transporting furniture and request additional resources (people, cars), expect significant price increases. The price of a move does not only account for the volume you have to move, but also for the number of the team for loading and unloading your furniture, as well as the number of dimensions of the vans for your operation.

5. Lifts:

If the Moving Company does not ask you from the beginning on which floor you go and on which floor you reach, as well as whether the buildings are provided with working elevators or not, it is indicated to specify this aspect. It’s easiest to get you more money because there is no lift for the fourth floor, for example, even if nobody asked you about it.

6. More stops involve higher costs:

Specify from the beginning if you want to download certain things on the way to the download address or if you want to stop taking an object out of the way. Generally, if there is no deviation from the route and if it is the same or below the one at the downloading address, the relocation company has no real reason to ask for a higher price. However, do not risk and indicate from the beginning the stops you intend to do. Click here.

7. Bulky or very heavy objects:

Do not forget in any form to tell in advance whether you have to move a safe, billiard table or piano. These can be weighty objects that need to be handled by more people, who may not be in the lift or cannot be pulled out on the doors. Be very careful in describing heavy or bulky items. If things are not clear, the moving company can charge a very high cost for transporting. If things are not clear, the moving company can charge a very high fee for carrying such objects.

8. External lifts:

If you know about a particular item that you have in your house or in the office that it has been climbed with an exterior elevator, please specify this from the beginning. The costs of renting a lift are not small at all, and you may not be able to find the lift available on the same day. Both services must be scheduled the same day so no one will wait (another reason you will be charged in addition).

As you can see in the descriptions, it’s essential to understand what services you have included in the price and under what conditions to avoid unpleasant surprises. The hidden costs of movers can be prevented or controlled when you know about them. Under certain circumstances, these can not be avoided (for example, if the elevator is broken on the day of removal and all the furniture will have to be climbed upstairs to the 9th floor), but it is good to be interested in each aspect so that you can make your move budget.

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