You are planning your wedding day, but haven’t yet decided on the venue? We have prepared for your unique wedding venues in Miami.

These luxurious locations will make your ceremony even more romantic and exquisite and local wedding videographers will capture it for you. The state of Miami offers a wide range of great locations. Vanilla Brides experts have prepared a list of venues where you can find everything: wild nature, picturesque landscapes, and old architectural monuments.

The right place for the ceremony will emphasize the style and mood of your wedding. The appropriate atmosphere and quality service are guaranteed! Read the article now!

1. The Ancient Spanish Monastery

Ancient Spanish Monastery

This place suits couples with refined tastes. After all, the ceremony in the chapel is a tribute to history and wedding traditions. The best wedding photographers in Miami will be able to take great pictures that will remind you of the happy event for years to come.

Musical organ accompaniment and several areas for photo shoots are also possible here, and the hospitable staff of the monastery will help accommodate all your guests so they can witness your marital vows.

If you love wild nature, there are some beautiful places on the monastery's territory, where you can set the decorations for the wedding ceremony. Professional service suppliers can organize open areas with chairs for your guests and relatives.

2. Charles Deering Estate

Charles Deering Estate

Deering Estate is one of the best venues for weddings in Miami. This piece of history attracts couples with its aura and magnetism. All conditions for a beautiful ceremony are created here:

  • terraces in the open air;
  • possibility to decorate the halls according to your taste;
  • ability to accommodate the required number of guests;
  • a beautiful palm grove where you can work with the best wedding videographers in Miami.

You can decorate the venue according to the style of your event, and the green landscaping will make your décor and outfits contrast and stand out. The elegance of the surroundings evokes a romantic mood, and the lighting with garlands will make your holiday even more luxurious. We are sure that here you can relax and enjoy the ongoing celebration.

3. The Biltmore Hotel Miami Coral Gables

Biltmore Hotel Miami Coral Gables

Spend your celebration in the traditional setting of one of the best wedding venues in Miami Fl. This hotel was built in the early 20th century but is still in great demand among those planning a wedding. A reminder of architecture, the hotel pleases the eye with its arches and star-painted ceiling overhead.

It’s popular not only for its exquisite interior but also for its convenient location in Miami. Everything here is imbued with the spirit of romance, so it’s easy to create a chamber ceremony. In addition, all guests of the newlyweds can be accommodated in the hall.

Vanilla Brides is a team of professionals who will create incredible photos and videos against the backdrop of beautiful architectural structures, green gardens, and other pleasant surprises located on the territory of the hotel.

4. Vizcaya Museum&Gardens

Vizcaya Museum

Among the numerous places to get married in Miami, this museum cannot be ignored. If you prefer an outdoor celebration, be sure to consider this option. This amazing venue combines historical elements with modern design, leaving an unforgettable impression on honeymooners and guests. Be sure to take the chance to spend your holiday there. You won’t regret it for a minute!

5. Beach Botanical Garden

Beach Botanical Garden

This venue offers you gorgeous views, the scent of flowers, and a chance to celebrate away from prying eyes.

Here, guests are offered different rooms for ceremonies day and night, a romantic atmosphere, and numerous garlands that evoke the feeling of a princess fairy tale, and professional photographers will create the best shots to remember the holiday.

Many wedding planners advise choosing this place for the ceremony. Its special aura of comfort and tranquility is created here. And in the evening, under the lights of lanterns, you’ll spend a memorable time with your soulmate, guests, and relatives.

Listen to the expert advice, and your wedding will be one of the best moments in your family life.



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