Can Driver less Car be the Future Wedding Chariot?

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In general, driverless cars are gaining popularity among top car manufacturers. The question that remains is that whether it will gain popularity among the drivers and car-owners. A chauffeur or driver-driven car is a popular option, especially for weddings. Can the driverless cars create a stress-free and beautiful wedding that chauffeur driven cars always create?

Car hire for weddings is a popular concept, because of the fact that they offer a stress-free experience. They take care of everything from relaxing the stressed bride or groom to getting them to the wedding venue on-time. Can the same effect be seen in driverless cars?


With the concept of driverless cars catching on like fire, you would be right to worry, how this could affect your wedding? Weddings of the future might find place for a driverless car in their wedding plans, but will they be able to offer the same peace of mind and service that chauffeur driven cars offer? Well, here are some aspects that might help you decide:

Absence of Chauffeur:

The name itself suggests that there are no chauffeurs in this type of car. This means that you will be arriving in a car that has no chauffeur to open the door for you. Other than that, there will be no one to ensure that the bride’s beautiful and at times elaborate wedding dress fits into the car appropriately, without any creases or tears. On top of that, the drivers know routes that a tech-driven car would never be able to figure out in case of traffic jams. So, could a driverless car that runs on technology provide the same experience for brides and grooms?

Look of the Wedding Car:

Most couples have a set image in their mind, about how their wedding car should look. It could be minimalist or have lovely flower bouquets adorning the car. Some couples even have set wedding themes, which they would like to extend to the car that brings them to the venue. In case, driverless cars do become a popular choice for wedding cars, then the couple would have to settle for futuristic, minimalist design, which would not be able to incorporate or accommodate the special themes or traditional wedding decorations.


Whenever you plan your wedding, the budget is usually the dictating aspect for all arrangements, from venue to the transportation. So, when you plan on hiring a car for your wedding, you will definitely have to think about the rate of hiring along with availability and model of car. As driverless cars usually run on technology, so the maintenance will be much higher, this is a part of the hiring rate. Thus, it is obvious that the rate of hiring a driverless car as a wedding car will be significantly higher than the rate of any luxury car like a limousine.

Car Breakdown:

Cars, however, well-maintained they maybe are unpredictable and might break down. In case of a chauffeur driven car, you have the chauffeur taking care of the situation and calling in a backup car as soon as possible. On the other hand, if the same happens in case of a driverless car, you will need to call a customer care hotline, which might be busy, further delaying your wedding day schedule. Do you really want to go through so much tension?

Hiring a chauffeur driven car has been proven to be efficient and relaxing for the bride and groom. They have a chauffeur to take care of their needs and trained to get them to their wedding on time. In case of driverless cars, you have no one to help you or DE-stress you when needed. Even if driverless cars do become popular in the future, the trend of such cars becoming popular wedding cars seems to be far-fetched and significantly near impossible.

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