Top Wedding Trends for 2019

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It’s almost 2020, and many things about our culture and society have changed drastically. As we make leaps and bounds towards marriage equality, new trends are emerging, and although weddings aren’t going anywhere, many couples are opting for exciting twists on standard wedding practices. From dramatic invitation packages to exciting venues, here’s how 2019 couples are shaking up the wedding industry for the better!

The Top Wedding Trends of 2019:

1. Uncharted Territory

In 2019, wedding venues aren’t limited to ballrooms. Couples are expanding their horizons to places like golf courses, ranches, and breweries. One of the best places to have an outdoor event at an out-of-the-box venue is to plan a St. Augustine wedding at The Palencia Club. The golf course here is perfect for photos, and photography that incorporates lots of greenery is trendy this year!

2. Signature Wedding Scents:

Photos will capture the details of your dress, cake, and venue, but how will you remember the smell of your wedding day? Smells can be very powerful in relation to the memory, so why not have a custom perfume or cologne scent created for your big day? Some companies allow couples to create a signature smell that can be used to perfume the venue. You can also have the scent made into candles for you and your guests to take home. You can make the scent match the flowers in your bouquet or the smell of the groom’s cologne; it’s all about picking a scent that’s important to your special day.

3. First Looks and Private Vows:

Many brides dream of making a dramatic entrance and walking down the aisle to their groom who will see them in their white dress for the very first time. Some couples, however, are choosing to keep that moment between the two of them. While first looks used to be reserved for fathers and daughters, couples are opting for intimate photo sessions that beautifully capture the look on their faces when they see each other for the first time on their wedding day. Some choose to recite their hand-written vows at this time and save the traditional “I Do” for their guests.

4. Rethinking the Registry:

It’s not all fine china and luxury appliances these days. Millennial couples have undoubtedly changed the registry aspect of the wedding industry. In an “experiences over things” culture, it’s now okay to ask for money or to add honeymoon experiences to the registry. If you need plane tickets to your destination, there’s no harm in asking for those rather than crystal serving dishes that you’ll only pull out on the holidays.

5. Hard-to-Ignore Invites:

One of the biggest struggles for couples who are planning a wedding is getting people to send back RSVPs. 2019 couples seem to have the solution to this problem. While it’s easy enough to slide an envelope into the mail pile, elaborate boxed invitations take up mental and physical space. They are beautiful, bodacious, and hard for guests to forget about. You’ll have your headcount in no time!

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