All The 2022 Photography Slangs You Should Be Aware Off

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Whether you have just started with your camera or you are learning the theory part of it, slang and jargon are a part of every industry.

So, here is your brand new 2022 slang for photographer list.

1. Note:

photography picture

These are not terms coined in the past few months. Probably they have been in the photography picture for quite some time now. Maybe it is 2022, which is making it more famous.

2. Tog/Photog:

This is an interesting way to say photographer, and kids are using this a lot right now.

3. Fast/Slow:

If you hear this term all of a sudden, you might not understand this, but they are not talking about the speed of the camera. Photographers are talking about the aperture of lenses. More light and fast shutter speed are fast, and a lens with minimum aperture is called slow.

4. Pixel Peeping:

Another interesting jargon or slang which you all are probably doing. You take an image on your computer and zoom it as much as you can. This helps you understand the image quality and how much you can zoom in before the pixelated effects start.

5. Glass:

Simply! When someone is pointing at your camera and says ‘nice glass,’ they mean your lens.

6. Chimping:

There is a funny backstory to this slang. This is when a photographer looks through the viewfinder to analyze the last shot. If the shot is too nice, you will find them making appreciative noises in monosyllables like a chipmunk!

7. Golden Hour:

The sunset or the sunrise hour and the hue that comes from it are phenomenal for photography, and that is why it’s called the golden hour.

8. Bokeh:

 Bokeh Effect

Bokeh in the photographer’s community is called the blur in the background. However, when it comes to blurring, bokeh can also mean blurring in the foreground. It can make your picture look either very aesthetically pleasing or you can bokeh to give your picture a focal point.

9. Light Painting:

You are taking a long exposure. The source of light is projected right at the center or anywhere at the lens, and the entire pattern of the light is captured. This is what is called light painting.

10. Photobomb:

This is one of the fun slang which you might not need professionally. Photobombing is when someone deliberately messes up someone’s picture by being in the frame all of a sudden.

11. Shutter Nutter:

If you are someone thinking out of the box and making extravagant photoshoots, you are called a shutter nutter.

12. Uncle Bob:

Another fun addition where you will find some humor. Uncle Bob is someone in a wedding where someone comes and interrupts the professionals and tries to click their own picture. 

13. Noisy:

Noisy photos are basically bad photographs where you find too much grain on the surface of the picture. It is not high definition, and you will not find much clarity in it. Old photos can get grainy, but they are not noisy since it is the soft copy where the problem lies.

14. Cam-Jam:

A Cam jam is a person who doesn’t have professional knowledge about cameras but still manages to create great shots. This is a short-term reputation, and it would be better if you learned the art properly.

15. A Machine Gunner:

A machine gunner is referred to as a photographer who will take too many shots of the same project, even though they just need one. They do believe in getting the best shot.

16. Candid:


This is when the subject is not deliberately posing. Sometimes they do not even know that they are being captured. Often photographers would ask their subjects to pose and cause this effect called ‘fake candid’.

17. Golden Ratio:

Clicking a picture in a golden ratio is a tool where you divide the picture like the tables of a tic tac toe, and the centers where lines intersect have the focal point of the picture. This creates the golden ratio since it is a picture much more appealing to look at.

18. Dust Bunny:

A part of the camera which has the most notorious dust settlement and is very difficult to get rid of is called the dust bunny.

To End The Talk!

Now that you know most of the photography slang, it is time to buy some ebooks and really get into the subject. But, if you are going on a photography adventure with a pro, you are all covered, and they will be impressed.

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