Choosing wedding invitations is not easy, but it is one of the elements of organizing weddings that need a lot of attention from the bride and groom.

How Much Do Wedding Invitations Cost?

The price of wedding invitations varies greatly depending on the quantity, the type of paper, and the prints made on it.

We are always asked: "how much do the invitations cost?" but the answer is not so simple.

We will explain it to you so that you understand each item that makes up the value of the invitations and makes the best choice.

What Paper To Choose To Improve The Cost Of The Wedding Invitation?

The first item that will impact the cost of your invitation is paper. Papers vary greatly in value, as they can be smooth, textured, metallic, and pearlized and have different weights, ranging from 180g to 700g.

They may also vary in price depending on color. For example, darker papers, such as dark green wedding invitations, are more expensive than light-colored papers because of their royal look.

The papers most used today for the production of invitations are those of the market line, usually in 250g. They have the two most sought-after colors, Bright White (white) and Natural White (off-white).

Invitations with good use of paper can make your invitation more economical. Choose the size and see the available formats to see which works best.

How Can The Size Of The Invitation Change The Price Of The Wedding Invitation?

The bigger, the more expensive, but it's obvious!

It is not quite like the use of paper is more linked to the user than to the size itself.

You can have two envelopes of the same size closed but open; they can consume less paper.

Depending on the format of the envelope, you can get more or fewer envelopes per sheet; in some cases, the leftover paper from the envelope is enough to make the invitations.

Wedding Invitation cost

What Types Of Printing To Choose To Improve The Price Of The Wedding Invitation?

Looking at the invitations, we often don't imagine how many processes they go through.

It can range from cutting and pasting the envelope and a simple fingerprint on the invitation to 10 machine entries.

The more elaborate the invitation, the more expensive it will be. Most graphic processes, including digital printing, depend on equipment adjustment. All of this takes some time and weighs how much the wedding invite costs.

How To Save On Invitations?

Here, the rule "less is more" applies to how much the wedding invitation costs. 

You can make a very beautiful invitation by working with beautiful art that does not require a lot of machine input.

Online wedding invitations, especially for small quantities, are much more cost effective than traditional print shop printing.

It is possible to choose more sophisticated templates that enhance your invitation to become more elegant with fewer processes.

Invitations are more elegant on thicker, heavier paper, but envelopes can be made on thinner paper. Always remember that if they are made on the same paper, this will reduce the cost. 



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