Can You Microwave Styrofoam? Know Your Answer Here!

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can you microwave styrofoam

Are you searching for the answer to “can you microwave styrofoam?” If your answer is a YES, then you have reached the right place!

Styrofoam is a brand of a certain type of foam that the building industry commonly uses for construction and insulation purposes. People in countries like Canada and the United States often use the term “Styrofoam” when referring to disposable coffee cups and takeout containers.

However, it is also to be noted that these items also consist of a certain type of polystyrene foam that the manufacturers inject into the mold to get them into shape. Keep reading till the end to find out more about “can you microwave styrofoam!”

What Is Styrofoam?

This material is referred to as EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) Foam. This is a very popular material for drink and food containers alike. It is very lightweight in nature and comes off at an affordable price as well. It acts as an insulator for keeping beverages and food warm.

EPS foam has a nature of not decomposing easily and is also known to be harmful to the environment. They are very difficult to recycle as well. If disposed of in outside areas, the animals may mistake the material for food and eat it, which would result in them harming their health.

Tip: Can you microwave styrofoam for 30 seconds? Doing so would make the harmful chemical to leak into your food as well.

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Can Styrofoam Be Microwaved?

can you microwave styrofoam

The answer to “can you put styrofoam in the microwave” is a bit complicated – you can only microwave certain styrofoam containers (those with “microwave-safe” labels on them are microwaveable).

It is advisable not to ever microwave the foam containers of EPS unless they have a label on them that states they are “microwave-safe.”

The FDA (Food And Drug Administration) regulates polystyrene and plastic containers, cups, and plates and also conducts various tests on their safety, including their use in microwaves.

The approved (by the FDA) EPS containers should have “mircrowave-safe” labels to indicate that they have been tested and are safe to be used in microwaves. Unless and until a product displays this label, it may essentially not be safe for microwaving.

Tip: The answer to can you microwave styrofoam plates would be a no.

Research also indicates that heating of EPS containers may cause them to leak or even migrate into the food inside the container.

Here are a few factors that may influence the safety of the food inside the food container:

  • The total duration of the time for which the container was heated.
  • The temperature at which the container was being heated.
  • The type of food being heated.
  • The storage conditions of the said conditioners.

Safety Tips For Safely Heating EPS Containers

Safely Heating EPS Containers

Here are a few safety tips to ensure that you are heating the food containers safely:

  • You should vent the microwave-safe foam (EPS) container to avoid pressure from building up inside it.
  • You should avoid using damaged or too old EPS containers that can leak substances into the food.
  • Avoid the microwave altogether and use a pot/pan/oven to heat the food.
  • You should use mittens, gloves, or protective material when removing the heated container from a microwave.
  • Be sure to look out for the microwave-safe label on the EPS foam container – only then you should use them for heating in the microwave.
  • You could even try transferring the beverages or food to microwave-safe containers which are made from glass, Pyrex, or ceramic.

Tip: How long can you microwave styrofoam? To answer the question, you can microwave styrofoam for however many minutes that you want – but only those containers that have a “microwave-safe” label on them.

Bonus: Safer Alternatives To Styrofoam Packaging

Here are a few alternatives to using Styrofoam packaging:

Plantable Packaging

Plantable Packaging

This type of packaging incorporates seeds that allow the consumers to bury the packaging in the soil. They utilize a new form of technology and are 100% a plantable and compostable product. While that disintegrates, there will be various herbs and flowers that will perish!

Cruz Foam

Cruz Foam

Cruz Foam are known to offer an earth-friendly alternative to Styrofoam. This foam is created with natural biopolymers. Unlike the synthetic chemicals that are used in the production of Styrofoam, biopolymers are sourced from nature even though they share the same chemical properties.

Tip: A few sections back, I answered about the topic “can you microwave styrofoam”? You can go back to get an answer on it.

PLA Lined Paper

PLA Lined Paper

PLA stands for Polylactic Acid lined paper which is an excellent and sustainable alternative to Styrofoam type of food packaging. It is actually a plant-based resin that is made from corn starch and is also used to create compostable kind of containers and also liners for packaging or cups to prevent water damage. It is a perfect solution for both cold and hot products. They can withstand temperatures from 32 degrees to 185 degrees Fahrenheit (they can be used in the oven or microwave as well).

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Frequently Asked Questions! (FAQs):

Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions regarding this topic:

Q1. Can Styrofoam Go In The Microwave or Oven?

Ans: Individuals should never put EPS foam in the oven. The material may soften and even warp when put under exorbitant temperatures. Heating of the EPS foam in the oven may also end up in leaking harmful substances into the food, very similar to what a microwave would do.

Q2. Are Plastic Bowls Microwaveable?

Ans: People should never try to heat plastic bowls or even microwave them unless and until they have a “microwave-safe” label put on them.

Q3. What Should a Person Not Put In The Microwave?

Ans: Avoid putting these items in the microwave as they have a very high chance of melting – insulated bottles, flasks, cups; aluminum foil; plastic containers, brown paper bags, metal cutlery or containers, etc.

Q4. Can I Microwave Aluminum Foil?

Ans: You can microwave aluminum foil very safely, but there are certain guidelines that must be followed for preventing damage to the oven.

To Wrap It Up!  

That was all for information regarding “Can you microwave styrofoam.” Thank you for reading up till here. I hope you found the information useful. Let me know in the comments your thoughts on the same.

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