“How long to bake potatoes at 375 in foil?”

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There is no particular season for having baked potatoes - they still taste great all year round! Baked potatoes are a favorite of many people all over the world. Keep reading till the end to find out about this perfect recipe guide and also get the answer to how long to bake potatoes at 375 in foil!

In this article, I will be teaching you about the recipe for cooking up the perfect baked potato. So, scroll on!

Ingredients Required

Ingredients Required

Here is a list of the ingredients that are required for making this scrumptious dish:

  • Salt and Pepper - These two spices are simply magic to say the least when it comes to baking a potato in a foil. Be generous while pouring the same on the dish - a thing you certainly won't regret I promise!
  • Olive Oil - Olive oil provides the best flavor when making baked potatoes. You can also use canola as an alternative.
  • Large Idaho Potatoes - In this recipe, Idaho potatoes were used but you can use any potato for this method such as red, sweet, russet, etc.

A bit later in the article, I will be discussing how long to bake potatoes at 375 in foil!

Steps To Baking A Potato In A Foil

If you want to make a baked potato wrapped in a foil then you need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Clean The Potatoes

Potatoes come from under the ground so oftentimes, there are tons of dirt or residue on them. You need to run them under warm water, and use a "scrubby" brush to clean off all the dirt.

Then use a towel to pat the potatoes dry.

Step 2: Add Olive Oil & Season

Next, you would want to drizzle your potatoes with olive oil. A tip: First you should drizzle and then massaging the oil into the skin of the potato to make sure that every inch of the potato is covered.

After that you would need to season the potatoes with gracious amounts of pepper generously and salt.

Tip: How long to bake potatoes at 375 in foil?

A: To bake potatoes at 375 degrees Fahrenheit in foil, it would take around an hour for them to bake fully. If you are using a much larger potato, then it is highly likely that it would take a bit more time.

Step 3: Roll ‘Em Up In A Tin Foil

Next, you would need to roll up the potatoes in a tin foil. The reason for rolling the potatoes in a foil, in the first place is so that they can trap in the heat close to the potato and can be cooked evenly. There is actually no right or wrong way to roll the potato, so you best use your judgement on which way to roll it.

Step 4: Then Cook!

how long to bake potatoes at 375 in foil

You can actually bake potatoes in an oven wrapped up in foil and even bake the potatoes on a grill.

  • In Oven: To make a baked potato in an oven, wrapped up in foil, you need to preheat the oven to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Then place the baked potatoes in the foil directly and on your oven rack. Let it cook for about 45-60 minutes (rotate after 30 minutes have passed). Use a fork to pierce through the potatoes to determine their softness. Baked potato in the oven wrapped in foil tastes scrumptious this way!
  • In Grill: You need to pre-heat the grill to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Then place your baked potatoes in a foil directly on the flame and cover. Let it cook for about 45-60 minutes (rotating after every 10 minutes or so). The time will actually depend on how big the potatoes are. Then you can use a fork to pierce the potatoes and determine their softness.

Tip: Did you read my answer to the question - how long to bake potatoes at 375 in foil, that I answered a few sections above?

Ways To Re-Heat The Potatoes

Now that you know how to cook it, it is time for you to learn about the ways in which you can reheat the baked potatoes. Let’s take a look:

Ways To Re-Heat The Potatoes


You can remove the baked potatoes from the tin foil and then place them on a plate. Microwave on a high temperature for a minute and thirty seconds to two minutes max.


If you are keeping the baked potatoes foil-wrapped, then you can reheat them in the oven. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. After that let it cook for about fifteen-twenty minutes, until the potatoes are warm.

Frequently Asked Question! (FAQs):

Here are a few frequently asked questions regarding the same:

Q1. Can I Use Any Potato For Making This Recipe?

Ans: Technically you will be able to use any potato with the foil-packed method. But you need to make sure you remember that the size actually matters in this recipe. Some types of potatoes that you could try using are - red potatoes, yams, russet potatoes, and sweet potatoes.

Q2. What Are The Benefits Of Using Aluminium Foil While Cooking a Baked Potato?

Ans: Wrapping up a potato in a foil actually makes the potato cook faster because the Aluminium is actually known to trap heat, hence, making the cooking go way faster!

Q3. For How Long Can We Keep This Cooked Item In The Fridge For?

Ans:  You will be able to keep it refrigerated for a period of 5 days, and after that it will simply go to waste.

Q4. How Long To Bake Potatoes At 350 In Foil?

Ans: You should try baking it for an hour. If the size of the potato is bigger then it will take more time.

To Wrap It Up!

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That was all for information regarding the recipe guide for baked potatoes and how long to bake potatoes at 375 in foil. Thank you for reading up till here. I hope you found the information useful. Let me know in the comments your thoughts on the same.

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