Aws Dropbox Alternative

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Aws Dropbox Alternative

Recently, cloud storage has become more popular among tech geeks and even in other areas of life.

This is because cloud storage is more reliable than other traditional means of storing files.

Different kinds of files can be stored on clouds such as documents, images, videos, music clips, and any other file in digital format.

Files are stored on the cloud for two main reasons. Firstly, they can serve as a backup for files on your computer.

Secondly, they are hosted on the cloud to enable sharing capabilities. Different people can also work on a project once it is on the cloud.

The files in the cloud are more secure and cannot be lost or corrupted unlike other storage mediums such as the hard disk, compact disc, flash drives, etc.

The loss of any of these devices may leave you at a great loss of data that might never be recoverable again.

Also, Cloud storage always has a higher level of security than locally stored files.

From Dropbox To Gladinet:

There are different cloud storage services today owned by different tech companies.

But our main focus is the Gladinet solution which is an alternative to Dropbox cloud storage.

Dropbox is an essential cloud storage service nevertheless. It is also easy to access and use just like your files stored on traditional storage devices.

It was built to make data processing easier and more secure for businesses, enterprises, etc.

Data are stored in top-level folders known as buckets. These buckets have unique IDs as no two buckets in the world can share the same bucket name. If the bucket name you have in mind has been taken, you have to get an alternative.

The bucket name also determines the bucket URL and that is why it must be unique. That is, buckets can also be accessed via URLs.

You will also have to specify the region where the organization is located. Any data you enter will be stored in the data center(s) in that region.

The region you choose will affect the amount you will be paying for these services. Different regions have different pricing plans. You can always choose a region with lower pricing if it is for personal use.

Before you choose a cheaper pricing plan, you must consider where the majority of your users are located, especially if you are using the service for public access.

The closer the region you choose to your site’s visitors, the faster they can access the files.

Gladinet Features-

Some of the features of the Amazon S3 bucket that makes it suitable for cloud storage include:

Object storage:

Files are treated as objects and not as blocks and all operations on them are treated as such.


Gladinet bucket capabilities can increase depending on the files present in it. This is unlike the limited traditional types of storage.


Multiple copies of files are available across different zones.

Folder Permissions:

You can set different folders at different levels to have their own unique permissions. This means people who are not authorized cannot access these folders.

Defined user right:

Like the folder permissions, you can also define rights for different tiers of users. This gives you great control over your files as not just anybody can make changes to them.

It affords you the opportunity to possess files on the Amazon web services. You also get to control the files and give instructions from wherever you are.

Competitor’s Pricing – Amazon S3

Amazon prices are steep when compared to Gladinet for the value they offer. You only pay for what you use. This method is very beneficial to the user than monthly or yearly subscriptions.

If you share and transfer data with others, you get to pay higher than those who only store data.

In Dropbox, there’s a fixed monthly payment of about $12. Using AWS S3, you might spend lesser or more than when you use Dropbox but the important thing is that you get value for your money.

Also, new Amazon users get to enjoy some services for free for the first 12 months. They also get 5GB of free storage. This is an introductory offer known as the free tier.

On the flip side, their solution doesn’t offer a specific price plan for their service; users will have to contact the company directly to be issued a quotation.

Aws Dropbox Alternative:

To further improve data handling and better productivity, both Amazon S3 and Gladinet can be combined to have an AWS Dropbox alternative. This is like eating your cake and still having it.

It is powerful and has very robust capabilities while Dropbox has an interface that is very easy to use. This makes the combination powerful, yet simple to handle.


An Enterprise dropbox alternative like Gladinet’s solution is better, try it out today and partake in the joys of cloud computing.

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