Why Is Netflix Removing Christian Movies: Real Reason

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why is netflix removing christian movies

Modern-day American culture is trying its best to decentralize Christianity. The standardization of a type in society has become a target for new-age liberation, and religion is no exception. This could definitely diversify the belief system representing the cultural bandwidth of the country. The process, however, has had hiccups on its way. One example is the persistent rumor that keeps resurfacing each year since its inception. The rumor goes that Netflix is removing Christian movies from its platform in support of other religions.

The factual basis of this rumor is non-existent. The last time this rumor got resurrected and gained momentum was in 2021. Netflix had to issue a statement to USA Today in order to categorically deny that Christian movies were getting removed. But that did not entail that any relevant content would not be removed. Netflix is always updating and changing its list of media available for watching. It adds content that the platform has contractual access to. But it was not under perpetual fire for its biblical content.

A quick look into its history and Netflix will tell you that they are not lying. There are many titles like “A Week Away,” which is a Netflix original creation. It is a musical that narrates the story of faith. There is also WWE Studios and BlumhouseTilt production, The Resurrection of Gavin Stone, a religious dramedy, for you to enjoy.

The genre is pretty much thriving on Netflix and elsewhere. So where did this begin? Why is this still a thing?

Facebook Seems To Be At The Root Of The Problem

Facebook Seems To Be At The Root Of The Problem

News Thump, a UK-based satire website, published a piece of fake news in 2016. It wrote an article titled “Netflix To Remove All Christian Content After Complaints From Muslims.”

It included fake citations of fake people like, “We demand you remove this terrible material from your website immediately. It’s bad enough we have to pay for bulls*** we can download for free anyway, without Dawn French’s infidel face being thrust into our televisions.”

Not only this, the writer of the article claimed in the title that this “quote” was sent to the Netflix CEO inscribed on halal goatskin.

Satirical media is known for inflammatory and inciting language, intentionally used to prove a point. The article does not have an explicit tag of being a “satire.” But the article’s about page openly states that it’s a “satirical and spoof news website, taking a daily swipe at current affairs from the UK and around the world.”

“We are not afraid to skip a few steps like checking facts or corroborating sources, and we never let the truth ruin a funny story (it’s much easier just to make everything up),” the disclaimer on the website continues. “So, for clarification – If you read a story on here, then you are NOT supposed to believe it.”

USA Today has pointed out that News Thump’s article was the original source of the rumor. It explained how people took the fake news to be true and caused a communal feeling among UK viewers and globally after it went viral. The news was spread especially through Facebook, where there is limited scope for disinformation and misinformation to be prevented. The platform does not flag incorrect information.

Christian Movies On Netflix 2023

Christian Movies On Netflix 2023
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So does Netflix have Christian movies? Yes, Netflix has a range of Christian movies available to watch, including A Week Away. It is a musical that tells the story of a troubled teenager named Will Hawkins, who attends a Christian summer camp as an alternative to juvie. The movie stars Kevin Quinn and Bailee Madison, and Hawkins unexpectedly finds love and a sense of connection at the camp.

God Calling” is based on the true story of Carlton Pearson, a renowned pastor who questions his faith and church principles, causing a media frenzy.

Fatima takes place in Portugal in 1917 and follows the story of three children who claim to have seen a vision of the Virgin Mary, leading to a divide within the community.

Blue Miracle is based on a true story and stars Jimmy Gonzales, Dennis Quaid, and Anthony Gonzalez. It is about a group of kids and their guardians who team up with a boat captain to win a fishing competition and save their orphanage in Mexico.

Lastly, Penguin Bloom is a movie based on a true story about a mother who nurses an injured magpie back to health, which ends up changing her and her family’s lives. It stars Naomi Watts as the protagonist and is a must-watch for you if you are looking for some faith to go by.

Wrapping Up

Now you know that Netflix to remove Christian movies is fake news that keeps coming back to haunt us. Always make sure that you verify the news you read. The question why is netflix removing Christian movies is no longer valid. This is the only authentic news you need to be aware of. Now go tell someone who does not know and thinks otherwise.

If you have thoughts to share or questions to ask, please leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you!

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