Heart of Stone is a film that is much awaited, especially because Wonder Woman Gal Gadot is in it! It is set to release on Netflix on 11 August 2023! Fans of wonder woman can't seem to stay calm as Gal Gadot is set to play a highly skilled international spy involved in an espionage operation.

Read the article to learn everything you need to know before you watch 'Heart of Stone' on Netflix! The trailer also hints at a lot of development across the plot, and behind the scene footage adds to all the excitement.

The trailer was released in Brazil, where TATUM's global fan event was hosted. Fans got excited with the appearance of Jamie Dornan and Alia Bhat on stage! Gal Gadot turned the fans crazy with her entrance dressed in all black, ready to rock!

Everything You Should Know About 'Heart Of Stone

Everything You Should Know About 'Heart Of Stone

Recently, Netflix has invested in action thriller movies and hired some big names in films such as 'Red Notice,' 'Extraction' and 'Gray Man.' The streaming platform had Gal Gadot along with Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynold in the film "Red Notice," which is the most-watched film in the history of Netflix!

No wonder she has got one as a solo! An action-packed film with mysteries surrounding the character, the film has created quite a stir, especially with its extensively talented cast! From the trailer of the Heart of Stone movie, it is clear that Gadot will go all out, but on whom and why? Who is acting opposite her?

What unique features have made Heart of Stone one of the most anticipated films in recent times? Keep reading to find out!

What Does The Trailer Speak To You?

Action is the new fix for adrenaline junkies this summer, as the upcoming film Heart of Stone trailer suggests! We have our wonder woman going all James bond on us as she jumps off a cliff and fights off enemies thousands of feet above the air. Gal Gadot is also the producer of the film.

The film's trailer was released at global events in Brazil, and as deemed by the cast, it is a "globe-trotting adventure." The trailer has Keya, the character played by Alia Bhat, threatening the organization called Charter along with its most capable soldier, Rachel Stone.

One of the significant characteristics that are observed in the trailer is that there are shades of light and dark in each of the characters! The trailer also highlights how lonely it gets for secret service operatives worldwide while trying to save the world.

Release Date

Release Date

The film Heart of Stone was first announced in December 2020 by Skydance Media and reported to Deadline, reporting that the paycheck Gadot will receive for this film is an eight-figure paycheck.

Later, Skydance Media got into a deal with Netflix, where the streaming platform bought the rights to the film. The Heart of Stone release date is on 11 August 2023 on Netflix. Mark your calendars, guys!

It's time to see Gadot in action, and what can be better than sitting in the coziness of your home and enjoying an action-packed thriller with Alia Bhatt in a negative role? While we have the delicious Jamie Dornan playing the MI6 counterpart, Parker!



The movie's cast consists of some big names that inspire good cinema watching! As a regular movie buff, I am seriously excited to watch the film, especially with the elite cast members such as Jamie Dornan, Alia Bhat, Mathias Schweighofer, Jing Lusi, Pierre Bergman, and others.

Alia Bhatt plays Keya Dhawan, the antagonist presenting the debate between idealism and realism steals the 'Heart' of an AI for her own Agenda! Jamie Dornan plays the MI6 counterpart known as Parker, while Gal Gadot is the protagonist, Rachel Stone, fighting for the good of the world and the organization!

What Is The "Heart" Of The Film?

What Is The Heart Of The Film

The plot thickens, especially with the concept of an AI that is powerful enough to evaluate all online history and predict the future with all data available as its resource.

It is this heart that Keya steals to control her own Agenda considering the AI is powerful enough to advise on global threats and provide resources to neutralize them. She is a hacker and tells Stone that she will tell the world how authorities abuse power!

The VFX supervisor for this film is Mark Breakspear, who manages the conceptualization of AI concerning human data, its analysis, patterns, and predictions. The character of Stone, portrayed by Gadot, is focused on not only saving the AI but also the world, as other agendas of Dhawan will be harmful to the world world.

You will find similarities in the character development of Dhawan with that of Silva in Skyfall! Even though Rachel Stone's character has been shown in her initial steps toward becoming an international intelligence compared to Daniel Craig's Bond, the actions are no place less, not more, where the two characters are compared!

Why Should You Watch The Film?

Why Should You Watch The Film

You should watch the film because of the goddess, Gal Gadot, not just because she portrayed the role of wonder woman but also because she is an inspiration in real life! As an actress, she is one of the most comprehensive actresses to flesh out action-based and emotional roles! Gal Gadot movies are a bible as far as I am concerned!

Few actors can portray complex characters and yet look effortless. The character of Rachel Stone is important not only because of her strength and intelligence but also for her emotions and intuitions.

As a sleek hacker with minimal perception of realism, Alia can deliver one of the best villains of all time! Netflix has successfully created awareness among its viewers regarding the top-quality movies it is streaming, and this movie will be no exception!

As Margaret Thatcher said, "If you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a woman! Watching Gal Gadot and Alia Bhat as two women playing the protagonist and antagonist in an action film shows, they will get it done!


As a woman, I would like to highlight what can be better than a woman protagonist and antagonist in the world of men and their adrenaline-filled drama.

Excitement is off the charts considering we see Gal Gadot on the screen kicking some ass. Based on the Brazil trailer launch, Gadot hopes to start a franchise based on the film's success! Well, people, let's give it to them. I can't wait to see Wonder Woman once again in action just in a different role.

Comment down below about the reason you are going to watch Heart of Stone"!

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