Do Otis And Maeve End Up Together? Sex Education Season 4 Ending, Explained!

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sex education season 4

Being a teenager and dealing with being horny can be a rollercoaster of emotions. And so can bidding farewell to a beloved TV series. By the time we reached Season 4 of Sex Education, it was evident that this sex-positive comedy was facing the challenge of keeping things fresh for our beloved characters.

Season Three had tied up loose ends, Moordale had closed its doors, and cast members were embarking on new journeys. But fret not, for Season Four promises to give us the closure we’ve all been waiting for.

What’s in store for Otis, Maeve, Eric, and the rest of the Moordale crew? Join me as I delve into the exciting details. Warning: Major spoilers ahead for those who haven’t finished Season Four!

Moordale’s Fall From Grace

Moordale's Fall From Grace
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At Moordale Secondary, our beloved Sex Education characters were kings and queens of the hill. They were the big fish in the small pond of Moordale. But as fate would have it, their beloved school shut its doors, and they found themselves swimming in a new, unfamiliar pond: Cavendish College, their temporary high school home.

Season 4 of Sex Education takes us on a journey as they navigate the unfamiliar waters and meet new friends, particularly a vibrant group known as “the Coven,” consisting of LGBTQ students who spread positivity.

Our familiar faces from Moordale find themselves intertwined with this spirited group, leading to self-discovery and personal growth.

Otis And Maeve’s Relationship: Do They End Up Together?

Otis And Maeve's Relationship
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The burning question on everyone’s mind: Do Otis and Maeve finally get their happily ever after? Well, not exactly, but perhaps it’s for the best. With Maeve jetting off to writing classes in America, Otis finds himself in a feud with another sex therapist at Cavendish, known as “O.” She already boasts a massive following by the time Otis arrives, adding fuel to his rivalry.

Throughout the season, Otis and Maeve encounter two significant conflicts. Otis becomes envious of Maeve’s new American friends, and he shares a bed with his ex-girlfriend, Ruby. In Episode Seven, Maeve decides to return to her studies in America, leading to an amicable breakup. Otis makes a heartfelt decision to pass on his sex therapy clinic to O, recognizing its greater significance to her.

In a touching twist, Maeve secures an internship for her book, “Southchester,” and pens Otis a heartfelt letter expressing her gratitude for teaching her to trust again.

Maeve’s Journey In America

Maeve's Journey in America
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Maeve’s storyline takes an unexpected turn when she embarks on a special writing program at Wallace University in the United States. However, her world is turned upside down when she receives news that her mother has overdosed and is in critical condition.

Rushing back to be by her mother’s side, Maeve arrives at the hospital only to discover that her mother has passed away. Her friends rally around her, helping her put together a beautiful funeral. Despite initial doubts about returning to her program, Maeve makes a resolute decision to leave her past behind and forge ahead with her life.

Otis And Eric’s Friendship

Otis and Eric's Friendship
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The bond between Otis and Eric, a central theme in the show, goes through a period of strain. Otis grapples with how to navigate their differing lifestyles, encompassing not just their sexual orientations but also their religious beliefs, family backgrounds, and cultural heritage.

This leads to a temporary estrangement. However, their love for each other prevails, and after an open and honest conversation, their friendship is rekindled. The show’s creator, Laurie Nunn, emphasizes that their evolving friendship mirrors the complexities of real-life friendships as we grow older.

So, Do We Know Who Joy’s Real Father Is?

Who Joy’s Real Father Is
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In a shocking revelation, Otis’s mom, Jean Milburn, embarks on a career as a sex therapy radio show host after seeking help for postpartum depression. However, the most surprising twist comes when it’s revealed that Dan, the motorcycle-riding fling from Season One, is Joy’s biological father.

Yes, that’s right! Fans may recall Dan’s reappearance in Season Three, shortly before Jean and Jakob ended their relationship. It appears Jakob’s suspicions were justified!

Wondering If Jean Reconciles With Her Sister?

Wondering If Jean Reconciles With Her Sister
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Let’s delve into the latest developments in “Sex Education.” Jean’s younger sister, Joanna, portrayed by Lisa McGrillis, makes a surprising appearance to lend a helping hand with baby Joy. However, Joanna’s adult life has been marked by a nomadic existence, a response to the trauma they both endured during their childhood.

It’s a revelation that sets in motion a series of events. Joanna confronts her past, addressing the sexual abuse she suffered at the hands of their mother’s boyfriend when she was just 12 years old. Simultaneously, Jean acknowledges her own struggle with postnatal depression, an issue she’s been denying.

As the series unfolds, we witness these two siblings bonding on the couch while watching TV, realizing the importance of supporting each other through their personal struggles.

Is Eric Going To Be Baptized?

Is Eric Going To Be Baptized
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Now, let’s shift our focus to Eric. Eric’s journey in this season is a poignant one. Despite his estrangement from Otis, he embarks on a path toward baptism within his church community. However, this decision is not without its internal conflicts. Eric loves his church and family deeply.

But he’s aware that his sexual orientation, being gay, is considered a sin according to their beliefs.

The climactic moment arrives, and right before taking the plunge into the sacred baptismal waters, Eric courageously declares his homosexuality. He yearns to know who within the church will accept him as he is.

When his mother stands up and declares her unwavering love for him, Eric realizes that he doesn’t need baptism as validation for his faith. In a profound twist, after a spiritual encounter with a physical manifestation of God, portrayed by Jodie Turner-Smith, Eric discovers his true calling: he aspires to become a pastor.

Is There Any New Character In The Show In Season 4?

Is There Any New Character In The Show In Season 4
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Introducing the hottest new group on the scene – they go by the name of “the Coven,” and you’re in for a treat as they bring three fresh faces to the spotlight: the talented actors Felix Mufti, Anthony Lexa, and Alexandra James. Our creator, Nunn, can’t contain the excitement and shares, “We’re really looking forward to people meeting them as they’re a lot of fun.”

But how does Moordale stay buzzing with new, captivating individuals? Well, that’s where our casting director extraordinaire, Lauren Evans, comes into play, according to Nunn.

“She’s just brilliant at finding really fresh, new talent. It was very much a Rubik’s cube: We wanted to make sure that these three new characters had really great chemistry together. Abbi and Roman (Lexa and Mufti) are a trans power couple, so that was a really important piece to get right. In many ways, the Coven is the mirror image of our old popular group. But they believe it’s cool to be kind. They’re very forward-thinking and generous, and we wanted to find people who embodied that feeling of sunniness and openness.”

So What Do We Know About The Coven?

So What Do We Know About The Coven
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But what sets the Coven apart from Moordale’s previous popular group? Well, it’s all about their ethos. They believe that kindness is the ultimate cool factor. These characters are the embodiment of forward-thinking and generosity. In an era where cynicism often prevails, the Coven’s sunny disposition and open hearts are like a breath of fresh air.

Felix Mufti, the first member of the trio, is a talent that’s been simmering under the surface, waiting for the right moment to shine. With his unique blend of charisma and charm, he brings something truly special to Moordale.

Next up, we have the brilliant Anthony Lexa, who’s poised to steal hearts and leave an indelible mark with his incredible acting chops. Lexa is set to portray Roman, one-half of the trans power couple that’s causing a stir in the town.

Last but certainly not least, we have Alexandra James, a rising star whose presence on screen is nothing short of captivating. Get ready to be spellbound by her performance and talent.

But Who Is Jodie Turner-Smith Playing In All Of This?

Who Is Jodie Turner-Smith Playing In All Of This
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Surprisingly, she portrays God, or at least a representation of God, who plays a pivotal role in helping Eric embrace his destiny.

As the creator of the show, Laurie Nunn, puts it, “He’s such a charismatic and enigmatic young man,” which led to the realization that Eric could make an extraordinary pastor and religious leader.

Nunn emphasizes that exploring Eric’s faith and addressing the complexities of LGBTQ+ acceptance within the church was a crucial aspect of their storytelling.

What About Cal?

What About Cal
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Now, let’s explore Cal’s storyline. In the final episode, the teenage characters unite in a heartwarming display of friendship to search for Cal, played by Dua Saleh. Cal has been grappling with profound depression due to their inability to access the gender confirmation surgery they need to affirm their identity.

Fortunately, their friends come to the rescue, and Cal’s well-being is secured. The group decides to allocate the funds from a significant fundraiser to support Cal in their journey towards gender confirmation surgery.

Laurie Nunn underscores the importance of portraying a transgender character’s challenges in accessing affirmative healthcare, shedding light on the difficulties faced by many young trans individuals in the UK. Cal’s story sensitively portrays the intersection of mental health struggles and the barriers to essential healthcare.

But What About The Rest Of The Cast? How Does “Sex Education” End For Them?

But What About The Rest Of The Cast
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Sex Education Season Four takes us on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, filled with love, friendship, and unexpected revelations. While Otis and Maeve’s romantic journey takes a different path, their individual growth remains a central theme.

Maeve’s pursuit of her dreams in America and Otis’s challenges at Cavendish College provide ample drama and character development. Most heartwarmingly, the enduring friendship between Otis and Eric reminds us that, amidst the complexities of life, true friendships endure. And finally, the revelation of Joy’s paternity adds an unexpected twist to Jean’s journey.

But wait, what about the others?

Let’s get you through this!

What Happens To Adam?

What Happens To Adam?
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Portrayed by Connor Swindells, Adam finds an unexpected talent and a path to reconnect with his father while working as a farmhand. This newfound connection leads to the Groff family’s heartwarming reunion.

And Ruby?

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Ruby, played by Mimi Keene, unveils a different side of her character. As the layers of her past are unraveled, it’s revealed that she was once a victim of bullying, orchestrated by O. However, when Ruby exposes O’s history of bullying and O offers a sincere apology, Ruby realizes that revenge isn’t as satisfying as she thought. She experiences personal growth and finds herself becoming a better person.

What About Jackson?

What About Jackson
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Jackson, portrayed by Kedar Williams-Stirling, embarks on a quest to discover his true origins. Despite being raised by two loving mothers, he’s determined to learn about his biological parentage. In a surprising twist, he unravels a family secret that challenges his sense of identity. Through heartfelt conversations, his mothers express their unwavering love for him.

Then What Happens To Aimee?

Then What Happens To Aimee
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Aimee, played by Aimee Lou Wood, undergoes a transformative journey with the support of her new love interest, Isaac. She discovers her passion for art and photography and, more importantly, heals from a traumatic experience. Aimee learns to trust again and embraces the prospect of a healthy relationship.

And What About Viv?

What About Viv
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Viv, portrayed by Chinenye Ezeudu, faces a difficult situation in her relationship. With the help of her friends, she recognizes the signs of a controlling and abusive partner. In a courageous act, she stands up against the abuse and realizes her worth.

What Happens To O?

What Happens To O
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O, played by Graham, experiences a significant shift in dynamics. Initially, Otis challenges O’s role as a student therapist, driven by insecurity. However, by the end of the season, Otis acknowledges O’s talent and dedication in helping their peers. This realization leads to a partnership between Otis and O to provide support to their classmates.

Will There Be A Season 5 Of “Sex Education”?

Will There Be A Season 5 Of _Sex Education
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Oohhh, this is the burning question of the hour! And regrettably, this season marks the planned conclusion of the series.

According to TUDUM by Netflix, “It’s not something Nunn was certain of when she and the writers began scripting the season, but “during that process, it just started to feel very clear that the stories were coming to an end, the characters were being left in a place that I felt really good about it. I felt happy for them, and I felt like I’ve said everything that I want to say with these characters at this time.”

But don’t fret; if you’re left wanting more, there’s always the option to revisit the show from the very beginning.

Laurie Nunn acknowledges the richness of the world of Moordale and the enduring appeal of storytelling centered around teenagers. While she plans to take a break and explore other projects, she leaves the door slightly ajar, suggesting that there’s potential for further exploration within this vibrant universe.

Wrapping It Up!

Sex Education Season 4 takes viewers on an emotional rollercoaster, delving into the complex lives of its characters as they navigate issues of family, identity, faith, and relationships.

The season culminates in a heartwarming yet bittersweet conclusion, offering closure to some while leaving room for the imagination to wander about the future of these beloved characters. As fans reflect on the journey of “Sex Education,” they can take solace in the rich storytelling and the possibility that Moordale’s world may one day be revisited.

In case you were searching to know about the ending of Sex Education Season 4, I hope that this blog has been of help to you. If there are any other queries related to the same, feel free to let me know. All that you need to do is scroll down till you reach the bottom of the page. Then leave your comments and queries in the box below. And I will be there to answer them all for you!

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