What’s the Right Way to Wash Your Hair?

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Way to Wash Your Hair

You’ve washed your hair multiple times per week since you were a baby. But has anyone ever taught you how to properly wash your hair so that it’s healthy and protected? For most people, the answer is no. So we’re going to set the record straight.

4 Right Way to Wash Your Hair

At first, you might assume that everyone washes their hair like you. . But if you discuss this with a group of people, you’ll learn that we all have our own unique approaches. And while there are a variety of techniques, one thing we know is that washing your hair plays an important role in your overall health, hygiene, and appearance.

Here are some suggestions to help you get better results:

1. Stick to an Appropriate Schedule

Appropriate Schedule

There’s a growing “No Poo” trend among millennials, where people only wash their hair every few days or weeks. The theory is that shampoo is harsh for the hair and does more harm than good. But before buying into this movement, consider why we wash our hair in the first place.

“Sebum, which is nature’s hair conditioner, is constantly secreted out of the scalp and onto the hair, and it will build-up without washing. This can leave the hair looking and feeling oily, but worse still, this sebum can act as a food source for microfauna whose action can lead to dandruff and, in extreme cases, can cause hair loss,” Katie Becker writes for Allure. “In addition, product build-up residue from conditioning and styling ingredients will also occur without washing, which collectively can dull the hair and weigh it down.”

In other words, regularly washing your hair with shampoo serves a purpose – it’s not just a marketing gimmick. The key, however, is to use the right kind of shampoo for your scalp. If you’re balding, for example, a DHT blocking shampoo could be a useful option. If you have super oily hair, you might need an oil-zapping shampoo. Pick the right kind for your needs and wash between two and five times per week.

3. Ensure the Right Water Temperature

Right Water Temperature

It’s important to consider the temperature of the water when washing your hair. It should be warm, but not too hot.

According to the experts, “You need a temperature high enough to deep cleans dirt and grime in your hair, but not so high that it causes irritation. The perfect temperature to wash your hair in is around 100°F – which is just above normal body temperature.”

Since most people tend to shower with water that’s hotter than 100°F, you may need to dial the temperature back a few notches when washing your hair. Then you can put it back in a more comfortable setting for the remainder of your shower.

3. Use These Washing Techniques

Washing Techniques

Your type of hair will dictate how you wash, but here are some useful suggestions:

  • Brush your hair before getting in the shower. This helps detangle stubborn knots that could prevent you from getting the best wash possible.
  • Properly soak your hair for at least one minute prior to applying shampoo.
  • Apply the first application of shampoo with the purpose of scrubbing the scalp and removing any dirt, grime, or flakes. A second application can then be applied to focus on the long strands of hair.
  • Start at the back of your scalp and work forward (using your fingertips to gently massage the scalp).
  • When rinsing, part your hair to allow the water to penetrate to different parts of the scalp. If needed, rotate your head and neck to ensure the water has access to every part of your hair.

For best results, leave your conditioner in for at least five minutes, but no longer than seven minutes. This gives the conditioner a chance to work into the hair (without causing residual buildup).

4. Use These Drying Tips

Drying Tips

Hair should be gently towel dried. And if you plan to use some sort of heat tool – like a straightener – your hair must be completely dry. Even slightly damp hair can become damaged with premature heat application.

Let Your Hair Sparkle and Shine

At the end of the day, you’ll have to determine which approach works best for your hair. But if nothing else, leveraging these suggestions and techniques will allow you to bring your hair to life in new and beautiful ways. As a result, you’ll enjoy greater confidence and strength.

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