Unwanted body hair has always been a problem. For those who are very strict about personal hygiene, unwanted body hair has been the biggest issue.

Shaving is a traditional method that leaves your skin dull and what’s the worst thing about it is that you have to do it on a regular basis.

In this article, I will talk about the best hair removal laser treatment, a way to get permanent results.

How to choose the best hair removal laser

A hair removal laser can give you permanent results, but it is not suitable for all kinds of skins. Before going for the laser treatment you have to make sure that your skin is less sensitive and can withstand the laser heat while treatment.

I have enumerated the point that you can take into consideration while buying the best hair removal laser:

  • FDA approval – when you are buying a laser hair removal device, be it be an international brand or some local brand, make sure it holds the FDA approval.
  • Laser/IPL(intense pulse light) – you have to make sure that what kind of laser treatment you want to buy. There two different types, laser types, and IPL types. Let me confirm that IPL is not a laser device, but yes it uses light for treatment.
  • Check for their power levels – Different devices come with different power levels, choose a power level that suits you perfectly.
  • Spot size – There are many devices that have variations in their spot sizes. If you are having less body hair, you can always go for the smaller ones. But if it the opposite, finding a bigger spot size is advisable.

There are many types of laser treatment, choose only those that are well suited for your skin type.

Precautions are taken before hair removal laser treatment

  • If you use any kind of bleaching agent cream, stop using it. Your skin needs to be free from all kinds of chemicals while doing a laser treatment
  • Consult a skincare doctor and find out the sensitivity level of your skin. This is to make sure that your skin does not sustain any damage during laser treatment.

Benefits of laser treatment

  • Permanent solution – Best hair removal laser treatment can give you a permanent solution to unwanted body hair. If you are looking for a permanent solution laser treatment is your answer. The laser heat reaches out to the roots and kills the root cells. This way you do not have to worry about unwanted body hair growth in the future.
  • Less painful – Laser treatment is less painful as compared to waxing. Waxing is like a hell, if you have done something like that, then you would understand what I mean. Unlike waxing where hairs are plucked, laser treatment burns the hair tissue cells.

Risks of hair removal laser treatment

  • Can damage your eyes – Even the best hair removal treatment can sometimes cause irritation to your eyes. Laser treatment is done by the highly condensed heatwave, if by mistake if that ray of light comes in contact with your eyes, it can permanently damage your eye tissue.
  • Can cause burns – It is advisable that you do a dermatology test before doing a laser removal treatment. If your skin is too sensitive to laser, that can leave burns or irritation on to your skin. This irritation can even last longer than a week.
  • Permanent tissue damage – if your skin is too sensitive for the laser treatment, the damage can be great. The hair follicle will be damaged permanently.
  • Skin color determines the risk – Not only the skin sensitivity but also skin color determine the effects of the laser treatment. The darker the skin color, the less damage your skin will accumulate.

Take away

Laser treatment is a boon to those people who are obsessed with hair-free body skin. And to full fill their demand their many laser removal devices that can be considered best hair removal laser devices. It is up to you to choose the best suited for your skin.

I have tried to summarize all the necessary information related to the hair removal laser devices.

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