10 Hair Growth Remedies Worth Trying

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Hair Growth

For many people, and most men, hair loss is an inevitability. However, despite this fact, most people still find losing their hair to be a traumatic and troubling experience. For this reason, through any means necessary, they try to hold onto their hair for as long as possible.

Are you trying to hold onto your hair a little bit longer? Looking to regrow hair which you’ve already lost? If so, there are some things you can do.

Here are 10 hair growth remedies worth trying.

Hair Growth Remedies :

There are hair growth remedies of all kinds, some of which are natural, some of which are synthetic, some of which require the help of a surgeon, and some of which are administered at home. Each different type of remedy yields something different in the way of results.

1. Follicular Unit Extraction :

Typically referred to as FUE, follicular unit extraction is the most popular form of hair transplant in the world today. It involves taking hair from various sample areas on the head and transferring that hair to areas which are balding.

You should note, however, that FUE is an expensive procedure. You’ll need to see a specialized surgeon, and will likely pay anywhere between $4,000 and $15,000. However, after your transplantation has occurred, you’ll never need another procedure ever again.

2. Stem Cell Therapy :

While it’s yet to be perfected, stem cell hair therapy has been growing in popularity as of late.

This form of therapy involves removing your body cells and restoring them on your head. In most cases, these cells are taken from the body’s hip area.

Like follicular unit extraction, stem cell therapy is expensive. However, as its technology becomes more available, we could start to see its price go down substantially. It could become a revolutionary procedure in the very near future.

3. Hair Laser Growth :

Another one of our hair growth remedies worth trying is hair laser growth. This remedy involves scanning the cranium with high-powered lasers, providing strength to the many hair follicles throughout.

This method is especially successful at preserving existing hair. If your hair is starting to thin, it has the potential to prevent any future hair loss. However, to have successful hair laser growth, you’ll need to see a professional surgeon.

4. Rogaine :

Regardless of who you are, there’s a very good chance that you’ve heard of Rogaine. Rogaine is a hair loss supplement which contains a bevy of synthetic chemicals. When working together, these synthetic chemicals serve to open up the blood vessels in the head, allowing for hair growth.

Both men and women have seen measures of success from using this supplement. While it won’t restore your hair to the way that it once was, it can serve to, at the very least, thicken up your hair.

5. Procerin :

If you’re looking to try an all-natural hair loss supplement, Procerin might interest you. Available in both a cream and a pill, it can be either directly applied to the hair, or swallowed.

While there haven’t been a great deal of studies performed to support the efficacy of this supplement, there is anecdotal evidence available to suggest that it offers results. At the very least, it will preserve existing hair. At the very most, it will actually help you regrow hair in pores where hair has already been lost.

6. Profollica :

Another hair loss supplement you might consider is Profollica. Like Procerin, Profollica is an all-natural supplement which you take orally, or apply directly to your hair. In both cases, it blocks DHT production, allowing new hair to be grown, and existing hair to be preserved.

Coming with a 60-day guarantee, it’s definitely worth giving a shot. Though no scientific studies back it up, many users have noted successful results after putting it to use.

7. Shampoo for Hair Growth :

Instead of a high-powered supplement such as Procerin or Rogaine, you might consider using a hair growth shampoo. These shampoos are made with a variety of chemicals and natural substances which are capable of opening up the follicles and allowing for a greater flow of oxygen. More than anything, they prevent existing hair from falling out.

Generally, hair growth shampoos cost around $10 to $15 a bottle. While you won’t regrow a full head of hair from using one of these shampoos, you will likely see some thickening in your existing mane.

8. Vitamins for Hair Growth :

You need certain nutrients in order for hair growth to occur. These nutrients include Vitamin C and zinc, to name just a few. By ingesting these nutrients in their sufficient amounts, you can actually promote greater hair growth.

For this reason, there are hair growth vitamins available. You take these vitamins orally on a daily basis. Generally, these vitamins cost around $50 to $70 per bottle.

9. Minoxidil :

Minoxidil is a hair loss supplement that has seen some excellent results over the years.

However, unlike the other supplements listed above, this one must be prescribed by a doctor.

The reason for this is that it’s much more powerful, containing a variety of potent ingredients.

Most of the ingredients contained with minoxidil are synthetic chemicals, and can potentially cause harm to other parts of your body. Some side effects often seen by patients using this drug are rapid heartbeat, weight gain, and drowsiness.

10. Eggs :

You might be surprised to hear that a number of foods can be used as hair growth remedies.

Everything from rosemary to lemon juice, to castor oil can be applied to the head in an effort to open the follicles. However, the food which typically does the best job of promoting hair growth is eggs.

To use eggs in this way, you’ll want to mix a few egg yolks with some vegetable oil. Once you’ve created the mixture, drag it through your hair all the way to the roots. Doing this every day should start to yield results.

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