5 Simple tips explaining how to make your hair waves deeper

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hair waves

“Hair waves”, also known as “Spinna’s”, have been in popular fashion trend for a long period of time. It’s not really hard to wave your hair, but it takes knowledge and practice making your hair waves deeper. Most of the millennials, who are really trendy in their fashion and lifestyle, lacks this knowledge. If you want to know how to make your waves deeper, you are in the right place.

Here are 5 simple tips on getting deeper hair waves explaining what and what not to do:

1.Wet Your Hair Properly:

Wetting your hair properly is a must. Before you add pomade to your hair. You have to make sure you are wetting your whole head either by taking shower or keeping head under the sink. Then you can towel dry your hair, but make sure it is not dried off completely.

Wet Your Hair Properly

2.Use a Quality Pomade:

You have to apply the pomade wave grease in a systematic way. At first, on the crown and then followed by the side and back, and front. The pomade greases your hair and helps them slide over one another in a wave. A lot of things depend on the pomade. A low-quality pomade can cause extensive hair damage in the longer-term. It helps your hair to soak up the moisture and hold the wave.

3.Brush Your Hair Diligently:


Before brushing your hair, make sure you pat dry or keep your hair exposed to the atmosphere for a certain period of time. Also, take care of the fact that it should not hold up an extensive amount of moisture from wetting or greasy liquid from the pomade. Then start brushing hair in a sequential way. Start from the top in a forward direction, then towards the downside on the side portions. You would have to brush your hair lot on the right portion to achieve the waves you are striving for. You can use a good wave brush to do it properly.

Brush Your Hair Diligently

4.Cover Your Hair Up:

Cover up your hair for with a wave cap and make sure it is cover for an extended period of time. Air can easily dry your hair off making it hard, if not impossible to render a deep wave on your hair. You have to wear a cap while you sleep or enjoy your highly awaited precious moments of leisure at home. You can easily manage time if you are working from home or a freelancer. Make sure you keep the waves intact while you sleep.

5.Softness Does Not Matter:

Most of us, who want to have a deep wave in the hair as a fashion statement, have the misconception that one has to have uniquely soft as well as straight hair to get the deep waves that so many literally die for; however, this is not actually the truth. The softness of your hair does not matter at all. All that matters is a systematic approach and your ability to maintain the stuff together.

Softness Does Not Matter

It’s not at all hard to have a deep wave on your hair as it seems to be in general. With a little dedication and determination, you can easily learn how to make your waves deeper achieve your long desired deep waves in your hair, and can be the ‘lit’ guy on the dance floor.


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