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Want New Kitchen Worktops? Get Granite Because of These 5 Reasons

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

Kitchen Worktops

The kitchen is one of the places that get the most use. Those who cook or bake a lot will highly relate to this. It is important to choose a great material for the kitchen worktops. It is an area that will be used and abused often. There are plenty of materials to choose from, like wood, stone, glass, and steel. So, which one is the best if you almost live in the kitchen? Granite is the best pick, even if you do not hang around the kitchen a lot. Here are five reasons why you should get granite as the material for your new kitchen worktops.

Granite is easy to clean and maintain:

There is no need to buy fancy cleaners and scratchy tools. All you need is warm water, dish soap, and a soft cloth to clean granite. However, it is important that it gets sealed first. The use of sealant might not apply to all granite kitchen worktops Ireland offers. But most installers will do that for you if you want it. You can also seal the material yourself. It is necessary to do this periodically to avoid stain build-up over time.

Granite is heat-resistant:

Those who work a lot in the kitchen will benefit from this feature. After all, we need heat to cook our dishes or bake our goods. Accidents can happen on kitchen worktops, like suddenly pouring hot liquids. Other materials have a chance of deforming under high pressure, such as artificial stones like quartz. Natural stone is the way to go when you know you’re going to work with heat a lot.

Granite is easy to fix:

Although artificial stones are resistant to chips, granite isn’t. It is prone to chipping, which might happen through mishaps. No need to worry if that happens since there are granite repair kits you can buy in hardware stores. If you do not want to do this yourself, hire a professional. You do not want to damage your kitchen worktops more if you are not confident about your repair skills.

Granite is durable:

How could we forget this feature? Aside from being heat-resistant, granite can take some wear and tear. It is a natural stone that can withstand scratching or cracking. It is also the next best thing to diamonds in terms of hardness. However, proper installation is important. When placed correctly and nicely, granite worktops will be with you forever.

Granite is a home booster:

What do we mean by that? Granite, which is one of the best materials for kitchen worktops, can increase your home’s value. Since it is more expensive than laminate or wood, homeowners will be more inclined to get a house with granite worktops. This applies to those who know the benefits of this material, which is the point of this article. Compared to the other materials mentioned, granite is the more attractive option too.

Granite as your chosen material for kitchen worktops is an investment in the making. Always remember to take care of it well to preserve its beauty and strength.

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