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How to Heat Your Kitchen When You Have No Wall Space for Radiator?

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

How to Heat Your Kitchen

When looking into adequate options for heating in kitchens we have just one or two options.  Popping either the kitchen radiators or the underfloor heating and after realizing that we have limited wall space covered with cupboards and no place to hang up the heater we end up with the latter option.

But looking around the perspectives of underfloor heating, it might not work right for us. So how do you provide heating to a kitchen that has no wall space?

‘Kick Space Heaters’- is the answer to all your problems!

The kick space heaters do come out as a real option to heat your kitchen with the walls being covered completely by appliances and cupboards. Many people are not aware of this marvelous little invention.

So, let’s dig into what this little heater is and how well it goes with our modern kitchen.

Kick Space heaters – The premium space heaters:

The ideal place where this kind of heater is used is definitely those that are a little tight on space. Most modern apartments are now just adequate for living, in terms of space. Having a full-blown heater is not an option in these places.

Do you ever realize the space under the kitchen cupboards going to waste? That’s where this little heater goes. The Kick Space heaters utilize the small amount of space that is present under the cupboards, which is otherwise wasted.

The kick space heaters can be operated in two ways- electric power, and hydronic power. In some places, the heaters are also referred to as ‘plinth heaters’. Since these heaters are the latest introductions there’s not much information you could find about it but the difference is slight.

Kick Space heaters

Choices in Kick Space heaters:

As mentioned above the Kick Space heaters come in two formats The Electric Kick Space heaters or Hydronic Kick Space heaters or plinth radiators.

Electric Kick Space Heaters:

With the name itself, it suggests you plug them in, screw them in the place and get going. These heaters use the radiated foil and the fan to heat the space and set up the right temperature for your kitchen.

Hydronic Kick Space Heaters:

It’s obvious to figure out these heaters have the petite radiators built inside them by the name “hydro”. These heaters are funneled accordingly into the heating system that is central to the house.

However, it is always advisable that you take the help of an expert while installing this kind of heater. An engineer who looks after the heating is the best person for the job. You can simply switch on the heater when you have work for it, and switch it off when it is not required.

Why Hydronic kick space heaters:

Here is a list of few reasons or say benefits that sort out the answer for why hydronic kick space heaters over the electric ones.

  • No wall space required, they easily slide under your cupboards and save your space.
  • For flexibility terms, they have both options- heating as well as electricity.
  • Since they are fairly hidden in your kitchen space, they do not protrude like a sore thumb and blend in.
  • They are cheaper to run when used in hydro settings because they utilize the already existing systems of heating.
  • Enables creating air circulation by using the fan on particularly warmer days.

Bearing the noise is better than bearing the heat!

Since the hydronic kick space heaters come with an inbuilt fan that has two different control settings, it does definitely make a noise. However, with time, you will definitely get used to the noise, we can promise on that.

Pro-tip to consider:

Always do reckon on the exact quantity of heat your kitchen needs, you will find a wide variety of options on the market. It is always a good idea to try some on the market and look for exact power consumptions,

Final thoughts:

The kick space heater does its job just like the normal radiator whilst saving your space and marinating your kitchen’s aesthetics. Let’s hope you found the best alternative for the heater and don’t have to sacrifice the entire kitchen shelf to find a place for the heater.

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