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How to Pack Efficiently For a Big House Move

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

Big House Move

Moving to a new place is a full new chapter in life where you have to take a fresh start and open a new page in life. The moving process, in that case, is very tough and you need to take care of certain things. First and foremost don’t forget to prepare a moving checklist.
When you begin making the list you will start packing things too. In that case, the things which you will pack first will be the things which you require the least. So given below are more details to it.

Elements and Articles in the Storage Areas:

Some articles and items are rarely used. Most of them are tucked away in basements and garages. These items are often left behind, as we fail to plan for them from the start. You should start packing them methodically at least a week prior to moving. If you do not plan with regard to them, we are sure that you would miss them altogether. It’s a good idea to hire professional movers to help you pack and execute the move successfully.

With their skills and expertise, they can get the job done as quickly as possible. They also have state-of-the-art tools and equipment that can help them pack and move belongings.

However, it’s important to know that not all movers offer quality and reliable relocation services. As such, you need to conduct thorough research to find the right contractor. For example, you should make sure your prospect is licensed, insured, and experienced. That way, you can rest, knowing your belongings are in safe hands throughout the whole process. 

On the other hand, while searching for the right moving assistance, you should start planning what to do with the items you no longer want or use. Here are some suggestions to consider when dealing with articles and items in the storage areas: 

1) Items you should discard – any item at your home that has been frequently used and is n more in condition to be utilized should be discarded. You must also discard any damaged item or piece that you have stored for future use.

2) Items you should sell, donate, or give away” –Anything and everything that is rarely used has been overused should be considered in this list. You must include any old furniture items, decorative pieces, craft items, equipment & tools, which are still worthy but you do not need anymore. You can sell these items, donate them or simply give them to someone who may use them better.

It is important here to note that as soon as you have sorted your stuff, you must discard what you don’t need ASAP, otherwise you would again dig into the waste to find out some of the useful items and lose nothing but time and effort.
To make moving cost-effective, you may organize an ale and sell all the extra items. You can also donate items to a charity and help a cause.

However, if you decide to bring these items, along with the essential ones, you should use durable boxes, like the corrugated cardboard ones, for packing. With these boxes, you can ensure all your items are safe against the risk of damage during transit. Hence, if you’re looking for these boxes for your relocation needs, you can check out some stores online that sell wholesale shipping boxes, or ask for some recommendations from family, friends, and colleagues who’ve previously moved to a new house. 

Items which are not Important:

To be honest, we all have a lot of non-essential items in our homes. If you do not know what non-essential is, let us put it in simple words. Any item in your house that does not come in use every few weeks is a non-essential item for you. These items are used frequently and even if you forget to unpack them, you won’t really miss their existence.
Some of the non-essential items at your home include:

Decorations and artwork – we all love to decorate and holiday decorations, pictures, vases, decorative pieces, and others are some of the biggest contributors to it. While they definitely make your home look smarter, they do not have any functional use. You must clear the clutter and pack only the best of the non-essential items. While packing such items be very careful as they are of a fragile nature. You may not only damage an expensive item but also lose some sentimental value if any of them gets broken.

It is always a good idea to pack some extra things beforehand. This will help you plan, and also avoid the dangers of last-minute hassles. Some common items are things like towels, bed sheets, and office supplies. If you are careful to pack them you will save a lot of trouble afterward.

Packing should start from which room?

This is where people mess up big time. It is impossible to vacate your bedroom first, as you would be needing it right till the very end. The same goes for the bathroom. The best place to start your packing would be from rooms that are not used that often. Basements and garages are the best places to start. Guest rooms can also be packed away at the start.
Items such as kitchen equipment, gadgets, and electronics, along with articles of dressing will need to be packed well beforehand. These are essential items, and you would not want to keep them waiting for the last-minute smash and dash.

Another good idea is to maintain small-labeled boxes and mark the products that are going inside them. That way, when you are unboxing, you will always know what item is there in which box.


Moving to a big house can be challenging. There are several things that should be considered, and one of them is packing and transporting all your belongings. Without a strategic plan, the entire task can be more time-consuming and stressful. Thankfully, packing your possessions for a big house relocation doesn’t need to be tricky at all times. By keeping the information mentioned above in mind, you can pack efficiently for your upcoming house move. 

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