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When to Consider Waterproofing Inspection?

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

Waterproofing Inspection

Waterproofing inspection is not obligatory in every state, which means that you may be able to go without it if you so choose.

The real question is whether that is a good idea, and when you most definitely shouldn’t skip an inspection.

Experts at XperaGroupshare some of their observations about waterproofing and building envelope protection accrued over long and successful careers as building inspectors of various vocations.

Roof Problems

If your house or building has experienced any kind of roof trouble, you might need to do a more detailed analysis of what damage might have been done to the whole construction.

Whether it was a weather-related problem or just a structural problem due to age or other factors, your roof acts as one of the primary protectors of your home from the elements and it should not be neglected.

Professional roof consultants can help you spot problems others would gloss over and potentially save you a lot of money and hassle down the road.

You’ve Had Problems Before

If any part of your home has experienced waterproofing problems before, you will do good to keep a closer eye on that particular part of the house.

More often than not, the primary problems with waterproofing are doors and windows, so make sure that those are in functioning order and that you are not experiencing so-called micro-breaches, where small quantities of water enter your home, not enough for you to notice, but enough to do some damage over time.

Warranty Is About to Expire on Parts of Your Home

Just as everything else, our homes and things we put in them have an expiration date, a time when the manufacturer can no longer guarantee that the product will perform successfully.

When it comes to your home, you should pay extra attention to the expiration date of your doors and windows, because they are the most likely to go first, but also your balcony if you have it.

Balconies are tricky in themselves because they are always exposed to the elements and the complexity and the weight of the constructions are not always in their favor, especially in the parts where the balcony meets the building.

Finally, the roof tiles will likely last far shorter than your house, so keep in mind when your roof may need an inspection and potential re-fitting of the shingles.

The Area You Live Is Prone to Water Problems

There are areas which naturally have a high groundwater table. This may be problematic for a lot of homeowners if they do not waterproof their homes well.

Building a waterproof foundation is, well, the foundation of a safe home. Given enough time, water can damage and dissolve just about anything, so if you spot any cracks in your foundation, seek immediate waterproofing help.

You Actually See Water in Your Home

If you can spot water in your home, and there is no pipe leak in your home, the only logical explanation is that your building’s envelope has given way somewhere, and you need to do something about it.

As mentioned before, the most obvious places to look are your windows and doors, but there are other potentially critical places which only an expert can detect and figure out how to fix permanently.

Water can do a lot of damage if given enough time, so make sure you act quickly and effectively in order to minimize the potential damage.

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